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Christmas 'gift' for my online friends!
So, since I haven't bought gifts or whatever for my online friends (alana, atom, slightbuddhist, tonko, pixiemarie, inomuiro, this is you guys! If I forgot anyone, OMG!SORRY!), partly because I have no money and partly because I have no addresses, I have come up with something that is free and will (hopefully) make you happy.

If you want, I'll give you guys fanfiction! Your OWN fic, not the same one for all of you. ;P

So, if you want one, then e-mail me or comment here! Fandom, pairing (if wanted), or specific characters that you want in it should be included. If I don't know the fandom, I'll say so, but considering that I know most of you through Naruto comm/fic/etc, then it'll probably be a fandom I know. ^_^

I hope this makes you guys happy. ^^;;

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You're a beautiful, sweet angel. Or something. ♥ ♥ ♥

... Hey, you know how when we met I was yearning for ShikaChou fic? And how that desire is sill burning strong? :D? *Would love you even more for forever*

And if you'd like, I'd love to write a fic or draw something for you, too. ^_^ Just say the word~

Oh, I can totally swing a ShikaChou one-shot for you. ^_^ Established relationship or them starting out? Any particular time frame you have in mind?

Art would be wonderful... Sandsibs? In some sort of way that you can tell they're family? I have this adorable mental image of them all asleep on a couch post-rescue Gaara arc, and Gaara's in the middle, that I want to write a fic for... can you do that? Or is that too specific?

Anything you want to try for the guys; I trust your judgement. *Quietly bwees*

I'll see what I can do. ^_^

::wave:: Hi!

I have no idea how to reply to the PM (i r noob) so I'll say thanks here--and don't worry, you're not coming off as mean in any way whatsoever. Thank you for your mini-beta. I'll have to poke around with my account there to figure out how to update the fic (been a while), since I agreed with your point.

At least I can edit the one on LJ easily enough. ::does so::

And, OMG fic for meeeee. :D :D
Okay, hrm. How's this:

Naruto pirate-ship AU. Any pairings you want, m/m always good, but aything goes, heh. Can be goofy as hell or angst-ridden (but prefer happy endings if so). My main pirate-y knowledge comes from One Piece, by the way, so don't worry about authenticity.

If that's too general or too WTF-y, then seriously, give it a pass, and how about... some Hinata-Neji friendship, with presence/cameos of Naruto, and/or possibly Kiba and Shino.

You're so brave, I'm not sure I could write off of a prompt but if you give me one back I'd like to try, though my brain's in a Riskverse rut so I'm not sure how I'd do.

Random thought: I need to get a Naruto icon.

To reply to PMs on FFnet, you go to the person's profile and click the "Send message" link. ^_^

If you need it, I tell you how to fix your FFnet versions. ^^

How about I give the pirate thing a try (because it sounds like LOADS of fun! ^_^), and then if I can't get it to be anything worth reading, I fall back to the Hinata-Neji friendship? Either one would be a one-shot, though - is that cool?

Well, they won't be done by Christmas, because I have exams and work, and I have to work on getting what I have of my NaNo novel ready for my free copy to be published (BWEE! Free published copy! Yay for LuLu!) at least a bit, since I have to send it in by January 15th. ^^;;

OMG, Riskverse would make me happy! So would Shika/Chou or Naruto/Neji or Naruto/Gaara or anything really, m/m not required, since I like Naruto/Hinata and Kiba/Hinata and Hinata/Gaara (as long as the author has them actually, y'know, meet and stuff before getting together) and Shika/Temari and... yeah. I'll read anything if it's well written. ^^ Oh, and I'm a sucker for hurt/comfort-ish stuff. XD

You can gank some of mine, if you want - I think I have all my Naruto ones credited to whoever made them. ^^

Aha, you've cracked the secret of teh ffnets! Thanks, lol, I'll remember that for next time.

Good luck for the pirate thing--I'm glad you think it'd be fun, I wasn't sure if it was just cracktastic, heh, and I'm sure whichever ends up working will be awesome. No worries here if it's post-Christmas, half the niceness is anticipation :P. Oneshot of course! I certainly wasn't thinking of a 60-chapter epic :P

::cracks knuckles:: Hurt/comfort, booyah! That's my thing for sure. Time to start thinking, then. Aaaand, hello, I have an idea. Shika/Chou Riskverse not-quite m/m due to post-marriage (that okay?) h/c.

And hey, you get an actual published copy of your NaNo novel? That is AWESOME.

Hey, no problem. I've been with the site since... oh gods... 2000, when it used to be, well, really good. I miss the old Writer's University section.... :(

Well, it is cracktastic, but it's not JUST cracktastic. ^^ I see you shiver with antici... ... ... ...pation! The only reason I mentioned the one-shot thing was that I actually had someone who I'd offered a fic to (this was a few years ago) expect a big epic fic. >< It was kind of aggravating, actually, because they didn't even say thanks for what they got - they were all like "Is that all? Where's the rest?". ><

Wheeeeee, h/c! ^_^ And a sorta Shika/Chou is totally fine. ^_^ Your writing in general makes me happy, so it's all good. *is excited* As you may have noticed, I'm pretty easy to please as far as pairings go. ;P *hearts your next gen m/m OC/OC pairings as case in point* XD

If you win, you can get a free copy published through, as long as it's being shipped to a US address. I have an ML friend in the States who has said I can get it shipped to her place, then I'll pay her for the shipping to me.

Wow, we both seem to ramble a lot in comments, don't we? XD


UMMM, I would be delighted to get anything with Naruto in it, perhaps with a side of Gaara? ♥!!

I make the same offer to you! Since, I, too, am broke yet still wish to spread the holiday gift giving cheer. ^_^

Psst- Slightbuddhist is my writing journal. One less person to worry about, haha. Thank you so much!

That I can definitely do. ^_^ Have you read past the timejump in the manga? If not, how far have you read? (I just want to make sure I'm not spoiling you for something.)

OMG! XD I feel kinda stupid now! Sorry, I haven't got a great memory. ^^

No need to worry about spoiling me- i'm pretty much caught up to the recent chapters. =)

Haha, no need to feel stupid- Somtimes I forget i have that journal, since i don't use it often. :p

Wow. I'm touched. I would never even think of getting my online friends anything, let alone people I actually know.

You are so thoughtful, and by all means a good friend. Thanks.

But no thanks. I really don't feel like I have known you long enough to receive such a wonderful gift. I would love one, but it just wouldn't sit right with me. Please do not even think about it.

Merry Christmas!

Well, I'm also looking for an excuse to write lots of fic. XD See, if I have something like a deadline or I'm writing it FOR someone, then I'll actually finish it. Unlike most of my fics. XD

I'll put it this way - if I'd friended you yesterday I'd still offer to write fic for you. ^_^ I just like doing things for people. I've burned and sent discs of Naruto episodes to the UK and the US after only knowing the people I was sending them to for days. XD

You sure? The offer still stands!

You really put a smile on my face. You are such a good person.

I would accept the offer if I had the creative mind to write one myself or if you accept to allow me to do something for you.

Well, if you want to do something for me, you can go right ahead, but you don't have to. ^_^ I'm not sure what you'd want to do, but if you'd like to you may.

So... does this mean you accept?

I hope I count

Well, this post was directly mostly at people that I don't know in real life and haven't ever met, but if you want me to write you something, too, I can. I can't imagine you'd want fanfic, though. ^^;;

*giggles* You are going to have ink stained hands from writing all this fic!

That's okay. ^_^ I'm fine with that.

What I need for your present has suddenly, randomly become very hard to find... :( *crosses fingers* Also, sorry I haven't been online much. There's two computers for six people righ now, and Tim and Geon Hamm are both on the computer a lot. >_>

No worries m'dear. And you don't have to get me a present! *glares* You could always write me a caitlin_chan/guitarpulsation fic! Tee hee! *winks*

Ah, but I want to. ^_^ And our life at uni is like fic anyways. XD - christmas text

christmas text

I had too much time on my hands today! LOOOVE and LUUUUST!


Sorry, I couldn't resist. XD

I spent all day reading young adult fantasy novels. << Don't I feel cheese-tastic. XD

Looooooooooooooove back!! :D

What no lust? :(
*insert sexy pose here*

Oops, I knew I forgot something.

Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust!!! XD

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