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That time of year again, eh?
Happy Christmas!

I'll probably make another post once we've actually, y'know, opened presents and stuff. Maybe tomorrow. Mum works day shift today, so we aren't opening anything until she gets home around eight, and we're having turkey tomorrow instead of today.

Again, Happy Christmas and happy hols, everyone!

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Merry Christmas Gorgeous! ^_^
I hope you are having a lovely time! <3

Hey, happy Christmas! Hope you score some desired loot (or at least fun stuff--I got a giant toblerone bar as one present, that is all sorts of awesome). Don't eat so much you stop enjoying the food, and hopefully you enjoy your family time more than the evening I must now spend with my extended family (arrrrrrgh--I don't hate 'em but I never see 'em and there are so many things I'd rather be doing than making awkward small talk with people I see once a year).

And I've decided my present to myself will be to upgrade to paid LJ. OMG icon time. ::squee::

OMG, I got such awesome stuff!! :D I'm going to make a post complete with pics later on, since family stuff is being done today. Today is turkey day because of Mum working and stuff yesterday. Wheeeeeeeeeee!

Yay paid LJ! Yay icons!

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