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Confessions are scary
Neji no shame
I came out as bi to my parents this evening, told them I had a girlfriend and everything. (HA! Take that, riverrants! And you thought I wouldn't do it!)

It was scary as shit.

Mum got kind of upset and cried and stuff, and kept saying "I don't know what to say" or some variation thereof. Dad... was much more okay with it, it seemed. I love my dad.

Dad: *walks in on Mum and I in my room, both crying* What's wrong?
Me: Um, I have a girlfriend. I'm bi.
Dad: You're saying you're bisexual?
Me: Uh, yeah.
Dad: Okay. *long pause* Come here and give me a hug.

Also, I mentioned that Leah really doesn't have anywhere but our house or the airport to stay when she gets back before school and he said, "So it's not just a big ploy, then?" Then he laughed when I giggled and told him that no, it isn't.

So I guess it went okay. But it still scared the shit out of me.

Maybe now I'll be able to write again, and I'll actually get those giftfics done. Sorry I haven't finished them yet, guys, but I haven't been able to concentrate lately, and I think it was because I was so nervous about coming out to Mum and Dad. I think I'll be able to write now, though.

But gods, I'm glad that's over with.

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Perhaps this will unharsh your writing mellow! *grin*

Have I told you lately that I adore you? Because I doooo. *sings*

I hope so, too. I totally want my mellow unharshed.

*Huuuuugs* Wow. Wow wow wow. ♥ You're brave, Caitlin-- I've only come out to my brother so far, though I know my parents won't mind when I do come out to them. If they haven't figured out by the way I talk about my boyfriend and my best friend in the same dokidoki so cuuuute love love sort of way. Er. >.>

I'm glad it went so well with you, though-- I've had friends thrown out of the house after coming out, but your parents seem to be comparatively awesome. *Internet hugs* Yay for you!

And I feel less guilty about not having finished your gift art when you're running behind, too. >.>;;

Well, I was totally scared as hell. I mean terrified. I told my brother, too, a while back. He was like, "Yeah, whatever, it's all good". He's into musical theatre, I didn't expect any sort of negative reaction from him. XD I love that desciption: "dokidoki so cuuuute lovelove" FTW.

I'm glad it went okay, too. XD I'm still kinda wondering about Mum, but I know Dad's okay with it so that helps. *hugs back* Thanks!

Well, I still feel guilty because I just have that kind of guilt complex. XD But don't worry about it. ^^

Also: icon love!

I was too, when I told my brother-- he's into, uh, business and economics, and I kinda got a '... Okay! Uh, moving on now... >.>' response. XD;; Man, he would be so much cooler if he were more into musical theatre. It's such a true one. D: I'm a total fangirl IRL. All my conversations with my BF eventually end up like this:
'Omg you're so cute. :3'
'^-^ Love you too!'
'... Why are you sooooo adorable? Mmmm I love your eyes so much. And your eyelashes. You have such pretty eyelashes. Raburabu. ♥ '
' >.> '
'Aaaah! Lamprey! Stop being so creepy! *Squeaky noises*'
'*Attaches* Love you. So much. And your squeaky noises, too. ♥_♥'

Well, even if your mum wasn't 'OMG YEY :DDDD' about it, she didn't explode in anger or try to kill you. :D That's still good.

*Pets* Aww, guilt complexes are no fun. >.> WE UNDERSTAND WHY YOU'RE LATE don't feel bad about it at all!

X3 I get that alot for that icon.

I like your bro's reaction - it amuses me. But I would expect someone into business to be able to take most things in a stride. *giggles* That's adorable. Teehee, lamprey! XD

Exactly - no explosions or attacks, so (hopefully) it'll all be good.

Yay! It's nice to be understood. ^_^

Lawlz. I imagine you do. <3

In honour of you, this icon gets to be used. Hope it's not too silly.

And I'm SO HAPPY it turned out... I guess not perfect, but as you said, okay. And your dad seems totally awesome, in the incredibly warm fuzzies kind of way. Not bashing your mom at all, btw!! Hope she feels better about it soon.

In my experience huge scary confessions are always less huge after they're confessed, no matter what the fallout, so yeah, I hope you can relax a little and enjoy the rest of your vacation!

In other news, your "flaming dykes destroy families" tag has cracked me up. Possibly not the intent, but I'm just thrilled it's not true!

::cheers at you:: Brave girl!!

Heehee, I like that icon. XD

Yeah, my dad is the shit. ^^ Mum is just... British. And stuff. (I think that's all I really need to say about Mum. :P)

I think I must agree with scary confessions being less scary once they're over thing. I think I'm going to be able to enjoy the rest of my vacay, too. Yayness.

That was the intent of the "flaming dykes destroy families" tag; it's supposed to be amusing. Heck, that's why I have it and not something boring like "sexuality" or something. :P

*doesn't feel all that brave at all, just relieved*

Well, it seemed like subtle confession. I'm just glad that nothing large or dramatic came out of it.

One of my best friends is bi and when he confessed to his parents, his dad tried to make clear to him that he really was more than disappointed and his mother felt nothing but the intent on "fixing" him, as the religious mentality demands of her.

Your dad is fucking cool. At the moment, I just think your mom is suffering from shock, but I prognosticate eventual acceptance and embracing.

What courage!

Well, I wouldn't have called it subtle ("Dad, I have a girlfriend, I'm bi"), but I'm also glad that it didn't get big and dramatic.

See, I think that religion is one factor in how much trouble my mum seems to be having in dealing with it. Both my parents are Catholic, but Dad seems to be more accepting of stuff that doesn't really go along with the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

My dad is fucking cool. I love my dad so much, and it's stuff like this that makes it so much more apparent that he's uber cool. Mum is shocked for sure.

Courage or no, I feel much relieved now that it's over and done with.
Deleted and reposted to fix messed-up HTML. *fails at HTML*

Hey! I'm glad it went well for you!! And just think, you still have a week of break to relax and not have to worry about your big news anymore. :hug:

...This is true. I like this truth. XD

You are teh Brave. My way of dealing with the issue, should it ever come up, is deny deny deny.

And either move away from home and never be seen again or marry some gay dude with conservative parents as a front.

Well, I had made myself swear that if I ever found a girl I liked, I'd tell them.

And now I have, so... yeah. <<

I totally like your front, though. XD

good job. and your dad remains cool shit, in my book.

Thanks. Dad remains cool shit in my book, too.

Awww! *hugs*

I was talking to matt the other day and proceeded to tell me had incredibly terribly timing. Just so you know he felt really bad that he couldn't stay and keep you company. Im glad you were able to tell them. *hugs* call me anytime you wanna talk luv!

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