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My dad and two more articles

So my dad is cracked, but in the good way.  Oh, Dad.

Mum: Do you have any idea when Margaret's [his youngest sister] birthday is?
Dad: Not a damn clue.

caitlin_chan: *chokes on apple juice and sprays it out her nose*
Dad: That's what you get for laughing at your father.

Two more articles about Jamie-Lynn here.  Eat shit and die, Anderson.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Second degree
Suspect appears on murder charge

By Lana MacEachern
The News (

Matthew Craig Anderson is led into
Provincial Court Wednesday afternoon
prior to his bail hearing. The 25-year-
old New Glasgow man is facing charges 
of 2nd-degree murder. Sean Kelly-The News

NEW GLASGOW – Sporting red scratches on both sides of his face, Matthew Craig Anderson sat slumped forward during most of his brief appearance in New Glasgow provincial court Wednesday afternoon.

A couple of times he turned and urgently whispered, "Visit me," to a man and woman seated two rows behind him in the court room, prompting sheriff's deputies to ask him to face forward and be quiet. Anderson, 25, of New Glasgow, is charged with second degree murder in the death of his former girlfriend and mother of his child.

The body of Jamie Lynn Victoria Walsh, 21, was found in an apartment at 175 Temperance St. on Monday evening. Police have not said how Walsh died. Const. Ken MacDonald of New Glasgow Police Service said they're still waiting for autopsy results.

Anderson and a woman were arrested when police executed an emergency warrant at a Nelson Street apartment. The woman was released without charges. Police also recovered the estranged couple's infant daughter, who is now being cared for by the victim's family.

According to court documents, Anderson was sentenced to 15 days in jail and 15 months of probation in January 2005 for assaulting Walsh in August 2004.

Security was tight in the courtroom yesterday, with a sheriff and five deputies posted throughout the room while Anderson was present.

Defence lawyer Craig Clarke asked Judge Clyde Macdonald to set the matter over to Jan. 12, saying he hasn't yet received any disclosure from the Crown. He said the Crown's working on getting the information to him by early next week, and hoped to begin receiving some documents today. After that, he'll have to discuss the information with his client, he said.

Macdonald remanded Anderson until then, ordering him not to have any contact with three named individuals in the meantime.Crown attorney Jody McNeill said he believed the individuals are related to the victim.

When questioned outside of court by the media on why a charge of second degree and not first degree murder had been laid, McNeill said he was not prepared to discuss the case at this time.

The man and woman to whom Anderson spoke in court wouldn't comment when asked if they were relatives or friends of the accused.

Cindy Anderson, no relation to the accused, also sat in on the court appearance.

"She was a nice girl," she said of the victim. "I know her to see her and she was no trouble to nobody."

Thursday, January 4, 2007
Community reels over death

By Sean Kelly
The News (

NEW GLASGOW – Jamie Walsh had said she couldn't wait for summer.

Neighbours say they often saw her, daughter in tow - bundled in a baby pouch, a stroller, bundled up for the approaching winter - walking around the block which circles from her house, to MacLean, James, Forbes and back to Temperance Street, where she lived.

Her neighbour, and friend, Tammy Gillis said by summer, the baby would be learning to walk, and that was what she was waiting for.

Her daughter's birth was a turning point - "she changed her whole life for that baby." she said, and Walsh had a lot to look forward to.

"She couldn't wait until her hair grew. She spoke about that. I told her, 'she's going to have red hair, just like you. She'll look like a little Heidi doll.'"

Like her mom, "God love her, her cheeks were as red as her hair," Gillis said of Walsh.

It's going to be a while before people become to used to not seeing the 21-year-old in the neighbourhood. Her death was an event, which many have described over the past two days, as one seemingly out of place. It's made even more tragic considering how infrequently such events do occur in New Glasgow, in Pictou County.

Robert Lagrois said he was out walking his dog, when he passed by Walsh's building to the sight of a police vehicle.

"It didn't click right away," he said.

"I came up that way - I saw the police car, went home. My friend came over, mentioned to me they found a body up there."

"I went to Tammy's and she said, 'We think it's Jamie Walsh’, and right away it clicked."

Lagrois met Walsh three and a half years ago but had lost contact, living outside of town.

He ran into her when he moved back.

"We recognized each other immediately. We started talking again," he said.

They ran into each other now and again, usually Walsh would be on one of her walks with her daughter.

"You know, we'd talk to each other about little problems we were having. Every now and then we'd try to pass on what we could be doing."

Lagrois said her death has given him a lot to think about.

"I'm doing all right. I've been thinking about it a lot. It bothers me, but I'm doing all right.The night I found out, that's all I did was think - I'm not a heartless person."

Walsh, both say, was a soft-spoken person.

"She was just so down to earth, and you know, no matter how much stress was in her life still had that glow," Gillis said.

Monday evening, Gillis also heard a version of the events.

"My sister had called me, and said they'd found a girl up the street, and it was a twin," but at the time, she said she had no reason to believe it was Walsh.

"I was going to her house."

She too saw the police car that night. "But I never dreamed it was Jamie - and I went to go in. I was going to ask Jamie, did she hear anything. The cop stopped me at the door - I was going to ask her about it, and here, it was her."

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