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Jamie Lynn's obit

Jamie Lynn Walsh, 21, died tragically on January 1, 2007.

Jamie Lynn was a loving mum to her daughter, Eve.

She loved life and people; she was joyful, loyal, a nurturer and a support for all who knew her.

She was predeceased by her grandmother, Evelyn Maldre.

She is survived by her parents, James and Susan; grandparents, Phillip Maldre (Evelyn’s husband) and Dorothy Leahy and Victor (Joan) Walsh; sisters, Emily, Selena; and daughter, Eve; aunts and uncles, Lynn and (John) Dewtie, Darrell and (Darlene) Maldre, Dougall Maldre, Bill and (Linda) MacLeod, Michael and (Golda) Walsh, Kathleen and (Jean Claude) Loiseau, Maureen and (Paul) Crews, Peter Walsh and a number of loving cousins.

A trust fund has been established for Jamie Lynn’s daughter, Eve at Scotia Bank, Provost St. Branch, New Glasgow.

A private family memorial service will be held for Jamie Lynn.
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