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Murder suspect adjourned
Police, defence still waiting for autopsy results

The News

A New Glasgow man accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend had his case adjourned today for three weeks.
Defence lawyer Craig Clarke said he's still waiting for disclosure of some information from the police investigation, including the autopsy results.
His client, Matthew Craig Anderson, 25, is charge with second-degree murder in the death of Jamie Lynn Victoria Walsh, 21. She was found dead in a Temperance Street apartment on Jan. 1. The former couple had a young daughter.
Const. Ken MacDonald of New Glasgow Police Service said the major crime unit hasn't received the autopsy report yet from the medical examiner's office.
A new charge has been laid against Anderson, unrelated to the murder case. He's charged with breaching a probation order between July 1 and Dec. 20, 2006 by failing to pay $2,17.
80 in restitution to the Town of New Glasgow. Anderson was convicted of mischief for pouring oil on wooden planters owned by the town in August 2004.
He will return to New Glasgow provincial court on Feb. 5 and continues to be remanded until then.
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