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Naruto mouton
I now run a Naruto Yahoo! group that I have called "The Bingo Book". *evil grin*

Link for the interested: HERE

This should be fun.

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Love the name you chose, Caitlin. If I was into Naruto I would definitely join.

Thanks! *is proud of her group name* ^____^

So... not to be a downer or anything, how is this going to fit in with your classes and homework?

Well, it's all through e-mail and all I really have to do is make sure no one breaks the rules. Very little work on my part now that it's started. So mleh. :P

mleh indeed!

Nerg is a good word too!

Oooo, I like nerg I might have to use that.

But you do see what I mean, right? It really won't cut into much of anything at all, and I'll hopefully get some good character discussion or something out of it.

Not really. I know I've really had to prioritize this last year, and doing anything that will take up a continuous amount of time like your yahoo group doesn't make much sense. I've heard that you didn't do as wella as you could have last semester, and I just worry.

We want you to come back!

That my point - it isn't going to take up a continuous or large amount of time. All I have to do is read the posts, and considering that we only have twelve members right now, including me, that'll hardly take a lot of time. There's been all of two posts so far.

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