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The stupid, it burns us....
intellectual superiority
This is so stupid.  I have no words.

CCRSB schools agree to stretch school day
The News

ALMA – Students will have six more minutes of class time each day beginning in early February.

All schools within the Chignecto-Central Regional School Board have committed to this six-minute extension in instructional time. Once the new initiative is implemented, students will leave two hours early once a month to make up for the longer school days.

Meanwhile, teachers will use that half-day off per month to collaborate on effective student learning strategies, teaching techniques and assessment practices.

"We recognize we need to give teachers more time to collaborate on student learning and effective instruction," said Gary Clarke, school board director of education. "Our board is providing that time in a learning community model as a plan to improve overall student learning."

The strategy is one commonly used throughout North America, as Lynn MacLean pointed out.

"We have been asking for this for years," said MacLean, family of schools supervisor for the Celtic Family of Pictou County. "This isn't a new concept. The Annapolis Valley School Board, for example, has been doing this for at least three years."

Furthermore, MacLean said teachers from each individual school will meet to discuss the results from provincial and regional assessments, as well as teachers' assessments gathered over the past three years.
They will use that data to address strengths and weaknesses of the curriculum.

"It's an opportunity for teachers to look at the data we have, and make some informed decisions about what we need to improve on, and what we're doing well."

Northumberland Regional High School principal Bob Ballantyne said both teachers and students will benefit from the initiative. Like MacLean, he said teachers have wanted extra time to address student achievement for quite some time.

"What teachers have been saying for a while is 'we need time to sit and work together to talk about the practices which we use every day," Ballantyne said.

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Lol, I heard about that in school today :D
What are we supposed to get done in six minutes? Six minutes? Absolutely nothing.
What are the teachers supposed to achieve in two hours? Absolutely nothing.
And instead of giving us a half-day off each month, they could use it to extend the lunch hours they cut, or have more common lunches.
I really don't understand this incessant need to ruin a perfectly decent system.

Yeah, I know. I mean, honestly, what was the point? There will be nothing extra learnt in six fucking minutes. It's just ridiculous. The school system has become slack enough as it is without giving you guys two extra hours off each month. (No offence to you or anything, but the school system is really kinda slack.)

Oh, no offense taken. Today yesterday, in fact, I spent an hour playing Pictionnary, an hour watching Star Wars IV (which we watched all through the double the day before), and still had time to go to Zellers and eat lunch without anyone noticing.
'Kinda' doesn't begin to describe it.

Yeah, that's what I said. The stupid makes me die inside.

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