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Stuff in general
Neji no shame
My Sandibs fanmix has practically taken over my life.  It just keeps growing.... I'd thought it was done, but I just talked to cephiedvariable, and she gave me four or five more songs I can and probably will use. XD

I still need a name for it, though.  *sighs and angsts*

Here's a story about a stupid American lady (not saying they're all stupid, but this one certainly was -_- ).

So, I'm at work the other day, and we happen to take photos for passports, because we have a photolab and stuff.  So this one woman comes in and over to where I'm cleaning shelves, because the girls assigned to the lab for the afternoon were actually on break and asks.  I can do them, so we head over to the lab so I can get her name and such, and get the camera (at this point, I have no clue that she's American, since she's made no mention of it and given no sign, and doesn't have a really strong regional accent).

Me: May I have your name please?
Stupid American Lady (SAL): Stupid American Lady.
Me: Okay; this is a Canadian passport?
SAL: Uh, no. US, of course.
Me: *slightly surprised, since US passports are fairly uncommon for us*  Oh, okay.
SAL: Why would anyone need a Canadian passport anyway?
Me: Um, to go to other countries.
SAL: I didn't know there was such a thing as a Canadian passport.
Me: Uh, yeah.  We have to have them if we're travelling international.
SAL: That seems silly.

At this point, I was far too "WTF?" to even try and remember what the rest of the conversation was.  I mean, for Pete's sake, of course there are Canadian passports!  We're a country, aren't we?  What, did she think that Canadians had US passports when they needed to leave the country?  Argh.  The stupid.  Stupid people make me die inside.

cephiedvariable has a new video of her and her busking troupe up! They do poi A.K.A. fire spinning, and other fun things with fire.  It's super-awesome and made me squee with happy.  It's hot and wow and fun just plain kick-ass.  Her journal is NOT friends-only, if you feel like heading over and giving it a download.  It's also on YouTube HERE.  I have the coolest friends (or hottest, maybe, in this case?  Yeah, that was lame, I know *is shot*).

guitarpulsation and I broke up, but we're still friends, so that' good.  I would have been really sad if I had lost her friendship, so I'm pleased I didn't.

Also, she got a final-stage interview for an RA position, so YAY HER!  *cheers her on*  You can do it! 

The third annual Priscilla: Queen of the Highlands Drag Show (sponsored by the X Pride society and other people, I think) was held this Friday night just past, here at the school.  Again, we had the Imperial and Sovereign Court of Nova Scotia (or whatever the hell their proper name is) come and entertain/semi-molest us.  I love drag queens so much.  They are so fantastically entertaining, if you haven't seen any then you can't even imagine.  I'm not even joking.  XD

rostand was going to perform, but they couldn't get her CD to play.  And there was much sadness. : (

I took almost a hundred pictures, and will link them here when I finally get them uploaded.  *is a slacker*

Midterms are coming up again.  I am not pleased.  -_-

A fanfiction rant:  Uzumaki Naruto?  Not slender or willowy or scrawny, or any variation of that, especially not post-timeskip.  Does he look willowy to you? DDDX  Argh, why do people insist on making character something they're not?  Naruto is somewhat stocky and rather well-muscled, deal with it people.  He's a freaking ninja!  Gaara?  Scrawny as all get-out.  Sakura?  Could be called slender.  Hinata?  I can see her being called willowy (though she's probably a bit short for it, technically).  Naruto, Kiba, Kankurou, Temari, Lee?  None of the above.  They're not fat, certainly, but they sure as hell aren't slender/willowy/scrawny/insert small-sounding adjective here.  Argh.

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What, did she think that Canadians had US passports when they needed to leave the country?

No, no, silly. Since she is american, Canadians are already in other country. So they don´t need to travel international ^_^

And, since I´m brazilian, as far as I´m concerned that applies to USA too. u.u

Now, this is totally iunrelated, but I remembered when you mentioned Naruto... have you posted your NANO somewhere? I still want to read it... :)

Apparently we don't. XD

And concerning my NaNo: No, I haven't posted it anywhere yet. It needs a lot of work before it's acceptable to the general populace, and I've had pretty much total writer's block since just before Christmas. ;_; But when I do post it, it will be posted here, so if you keep an eye out, you won't miss it. ^^

The only proper answer to "I didn't know ____" is "now you do."

I was a little too "bwuh?" to come up with anything intelligent at the time, but I'll keep it in mind for next time. XD

Of course we are still friends! Can't get rid of me that easy! *insert evil giggle here* OOOOH I pounced beautydreaming yesterday without giggling! I was so proud! And thanks for the cheer on for my interview. I am soooooo nervous!

Eek, midterms. I still haaven't opened up my books. Better get cracking!!

*sends good karamas for midterms and cookies just cuz*

*is glad she can't get rid of you*

No nervous! You'll be FINE!! ^_^

And yeah, ew. midterms.

Of course we're not a country, silly. We're a state. The government and all it's documentation, laws, politics and individuality is lying to you.

What? No! We can't have midterms coming up, already! I just finished my exams last week, for cod's sake!

**curls up into an emo ball of angst and cries**

Can I repost that gem to customers_suck? I think they'd get a kick out of it ^^

Surely you may. ^^ You can link it back to my LJ, too, if you want.

Also, link me to the post, please? I'd like to read the comments. ^^

You need to work in the tourist industry more before you realize how bad some people are. I’ve noticed Americans tend to refer to everyone as foreigners, even when the Americans are in the other country.

Extending for this logic of course Canadians don’t need passports. You only need a passport well visiting America (I’m fairly sure that’s as close to American logic that I can get)

I've just generally stopped trying to understand the logic of stupid Americans, as I'm fairly sure it isn't Earth logic. <_<

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