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So, I went to The Out with rostand and guitarpulsation earlier tonight.  The Out is where Kyrie, Kathleen, Allan, and somebody else (whose name currently escapes me) Judy live.  The on-campus bar is The Golden X Inn, The Inn for short, so since they're off-campus, it's The Out.  Also, three of the four of them are out of the closet, so it's an amusing double entendre.

So I went.  Had a straight shot of tequila, no salt or lime, and discovered it really wasn't as bad as people were making it out to be - I've tasted worse things.  Had a few mouthfuls of Sex on the Beach; it was pretty good.  A couple sips of rostand's screwdriver, which was also good.  Then I tried about a shot (or a little less) of straight bourbon, which apparently isn't generally done, but it again wasn't as bad as people made it out to be.  That was it for my liquor intake, not that it even gave me a buzz, but that wasn't the point.  I was just curious about the taste since I hadn't tasted any of it (with the exception of a screwdriver) before.  I wasn't looking for a buzz, because I don't like the feeling that one gets when buzzed and the loss of control.

By around eleven, pretty much everyone (else) was past tipsy and well into sloshed, so I left.

My thing about alcohol is that I don't mind people having a few drinks and getting a little tipsy.  But once people are past tipsy and are thoroughly drunk, I don't like being around them, no matter who it is.  I don't even like being around rostand when she's trashed.  (I think I've mentioned my aversion to drunk people to you, but maybe I didn't, so if you didn't know, don't worry about it because it was my fault for not remembering to tell you!  XD)  To put it simply, it pushes me past uneasy or nervous and well into the realm of highly, intensely uncomfortable.

So I left.  I had a great time while I was there, but I just can't handle it when people around me are totally trashed.  That's why I always leave floor events after an hour or so and avoid big parties.

Maybe my reaction to people being hammered is irrational, maybe it's an overreaction, I don't know.  I just know that that's how I feel, and I make an effort to extract myself from the situations as they arise or avoid them entirely.

I really did have lots of fun up until everyone was totally hammered, though. ^_^ 
Tags: friends, halfway through a bottle of moonshine, personal, university

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