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every child
I walked by Jamie-Lynn's old place on Temperance Street when I was in New Glasgow today.  I'm not sure what I had expected, maybe some police tape, still, or some sort of... something.

But there was nothing.  Just the house.  Just a regular house with nothing to show to anyone who didn't know what kind of tragedy took place there.

But, really, why would there have been anything?  The police already arrested the guy.  People still need to live in that house.  Life goes on.

It was never so obvious to me as right then.  Life goes on, and the world keeps turning and spinning in space, and time passes, no matter how much it feels like it shouldn't.  Everything felt like it had stopped when Anthony died, but it hadn't, and things felt like they should have slowed and crawled along when Jamie-Lynn was killed, but they didn't.

Time passes, and people continue on much like they did before, especially the ones who didn't know the people who died, or people who knew the people.  And it seems callous and hard and cold and unfeeling, but that's how life is.

As they say in Buddhism, life is suffering.

But... the suffering isn't so bad when you have people to share it with, and maybe sometimes you can even forget that you're supposed to be suffering when you have friends around.

And maybe... just maybe... life isn't suffering at all.

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It's really quite depressing to think of the world in such a manner. Even I, who haven't really lost anyone that close, wish sometimes the world would stop for me to catch up, but that just not the case. We just have to maintain as well as we can.

There's also this to think about: I didn't her, but I sure would have liked to, but I think I can safely assume in her passing, she'd rather the world continue spinning rather than stopping. I doubt she'd want something just because of her tragedy.

You pretty much hit the nail on the head when you said, "maybe sometimes you can even forget that you're supposed to be suffering when you have friends around." That's it, right there. LiveJournal is here and I'm here.

Think about enjoying life more than grieving. Jamie-Lynn's passing kind of tells us that (cliche alert!) life is short.

Yeah, I guess it is kinda depressing, but... I dunno. I was just kind of musing and pondering, really. I wasn't trying to be emo or angsty about it. XD

You're right; she very much would not have wanted to world to slow down for her. It still fels like it should have, though.

Yup. Friends and family are better than everything. I attribute the fact that I didn't totally flunk out of everything after Anthony died in the middle of first semester to the support of my friends.

I guess this whole entry was kinda of more about getting on with life instead of staying hung up on the bad stuff. ^_^

I hope so.

I see it. I misinterpreted the entry. I just hope that you feel better about it.

Well, it was a pretty easy entry to misinterpret. It's not like I had big bold letters saying that this was supposed to be positive and what have you. ^^;; I do feel better about Jamie-Lynn and life and stuff now, though. ^_^

That's good. That's we want to see!

Hey you -
I hope you are doing alright. I felt the same way when Birks passed away. Like it was insane that life just kept going as is and people were still laughing and going to class and ordering their coffees like nothing had happened.

Love you bunches and can't wait to see you!

Hey back -
I'm doing fine, I was just in a contemplative and apparently weird mood. XD But yeah, it feels like life should stop when someone we care(d) about dies, but it never does.

I can't wait to see you, too! ^_^ When do you come back?

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