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Have found more real-life friends on LJ; newest addition to the flock of the found is cephiedvariable. I have also joined her newest comm, 20_inkspots,  in which you pick a fandom, character/pairing, and a set of 20 themes, and then a writer and artist collaborate to produce a piece of writing and an image for each theme. </plug>

Since I started this entry, </a>alanahikarichan has pretty much said yes to partnering with me (I think) and I am quite happy. ^_^  She's a good artist, is open-minded, and seems rather cool, which rocks my socks.

I now have "CLAMP no Kiseki" number four in my possession, and have purchased/ordered/pre-ordered one, two, three, and five.  I am such a fangirl.  Especially considering that quote I heard about CLAMP and hot guys, and how it usually applies to me.

"You know you've been reading too much CLAMP when you see a hot guy and you wonder who his boyfriend is."

Then again, there is no such thing as too much CLAMP, so that quote is only semi-accurate.  *leer*

In a Hikaru no GO mood, so I'm off to read some Aki/Hika smut.
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