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(no subject)
Have found more real-life friends on LJ; newest addition to the flock of the found is cephiedvariable. I have also joined her newest comm, 20_inkspots,  in which you pick a fandom, character/pairing, and a set of 20 themes, and then a writer and artist collaborate to produce a piece of writing and an image for each theme. </plug>

Since I started this entry, </a>alanahikarichan has pretty much said yes to partnering with me (I think) and I am quite happy. ^_^  She's a good artist, is open-minded, and seems rather cool, which rocks my socks.

I now have "CLAMP no Kiseki" number four in my possession, and have purchased/ordered/pre-ordered one, two, three, and five.  I am such a fangirl.  Especially considering that quote I heard about CLAMP and hot guys, and how it usually applies to me.

"You know you've been reading too much CLAMP when you see a hot guy and you wonder who his boyfriend is."

Then again, there is no such thing as too much CLAMP, so that quote is only semi-accurate.  *leer*

In a Hikaru no GO mood, so I'm off to read some Aki/Hika smut.

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"You know you've been reading too much CLAMP when you see a hot guy and you wonder who his boyfriend is."

Actually, there's not THAT much homosexuality in CLAMP. As for actual, canonical slashy pairings there's... Seishirou and Subaru, Touya and Yukito, Ran and Gingestsu, Lord Yasha and Ashura and, uh, um... well, I suppose the guys from Goho Drug count, but I think that manga is stupid so lets ignore it. XD Everything else from Fuuma and Kamui, Nokoru and Sohu, Tomoyo and Sakura all the way to Fai and Kurogane is 100% subtext. CLAMP just does romance period- het, slash, yuri undertones. Even some of their straight romance is nothing more than subtext (Seiichirou/Karen for the win, folks! ♥ Or even Minoru and Yuzuki, which was heavily implied but never actually confirmed) so I don't think it's really fair to say that CLAMP is 100% about teh ghei.

As much as I love their slashiness. CLAMP is very subtle and artful about their romance, especially the slashier pairings. I was momentarily disillusioned after reading Goho Drug, but Fai and Kurogane's relationship in TSUBASA is a thing of subtextual beauty.

Uh, I'll stop ranting now. < /CLAMP FANGIRL >

And I just realized that I have no CLAMP related avatars to speak of. I must immediately rectify this situation. ^__^

Oh, I know it's all subtext. I like subtext. Subtext equals buttsex, you know. ^^;; *must find subtext-buttsex icon*

Personally, I like all the subtext more than it being solid canon; there's so much room left for interpretation with subtext. But you can't deny that there is SO MUCH subtext. ^_^

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