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(no subject)
Okay, emo-ing is done now, back to work.

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Kind of. A friend from McMaster got me into the McMaster databases, and I found one really good article there, and I've found four other okay-passable-ish ones, so I'm going to try and cobble something together from the four.

Yeah, it was a bit of a stupid emo fit, but it's over now and I'm level-headed again. ^^

Would you mind thanking that friend for me?

Great. So you're essay is going to be fine.


I'm going to thank her here once my essay it done. ^_^ (I plan to post the essay here, mostly for archival purposes, so... yeah.)

It'll be fine, yeah. I think. Not necessarily GREAT or anything, but done.

At least nothing horrible ensued. A TRAGEDY WAS AVERTED!

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