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intellectual superiority
It's DONE!  The damn English paper of DOOM is done!  Finished!! Complete!  Kaput!



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YAY!!! Does that mean I will be able to see you/talk to you again?

Yep, unless I have to meet with the guys from my French 200 class to work on THAT ten page paper. <_<

Time to kick back and celebrate. I hate the consumption of alcohol, but in this sense, you've just performed a miracle, and I'd say now's the time to drink a be merry!

Actually, I hardly ever drink, so I'll just load up Photoshop and work on the cover art for my Sandsibs mix instead. XDDD

Also, on a different note, which address did I e-mail you? The Antigonish one or the Trenton one? I can't remember. <_<

Good, because I wasn't hoping for you to drink.

The Antigonish one.


Okay. Let me know before you send anything, because it may be too late for that address to be useful, okay?


Finishing term papers is such a relief; I'm glad you've got this off your shoulders. Go enjoy yourself!

I actually AM going out for a bit tonight! (This is rare, by the way. XD) I'm going to The Inn (our campus bar) for wing night with guitarpulsation. It should be fun. And tasty. :D

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