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Hinata STFU
So.  I thought I had a group for my term project for French 220.  Jonathan had said I could work with him and Patrick Brandon [Edited because I am bad with names.]

Then he left me a message on my MSN today while I was at work to tell me that I couldn't be in their group any more.

So now I have no topic, no ideas, no group, and a ten page French paper due Wednesday at eight fifteen in the morning.


Edit the second (Saturday): I have e-mailed and asked if I can do Morocco, since it's a French-speaking country, and now I'm just waiting for a response.  No idea how long that will take. <_<

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Have you asked as to WHY you "can't be in their group anymore"?

Well, I couldn't ask him because he had gone offline by the time I got home from work, but the message he left was:

Jonathan- "Keg Party at 42 St.Mary's, not my house.....$10 at the door!!!" says:
i met with brandon yesterday and the topic we picked really only has two parts so i think we kinda have to stick to our original duo....early acadiens vs present
Jonathan- "Keg Party at 42 St.Mary's, not my house.....$10 at the door!!!" says:
it would be harder with three

I wish that if they were going to ditch me that they would have ditched me before break, when I would have had a lot more time to come up with my own topic and write my paper. It's annoying me so MUCH because he left it until five days before the damn paper is due, and I have to get approval for my topic from the prof, which could take a while, depending on how often she checks her e-mail on the weekend.

That's still bullshit. They can do one part each, and you can put everything together. Bah.



I'm still waiting for a reply to my e-mail that I sent my prof, too. T____T

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