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(no subject)
Sam restarted herself last night and corrupted the file I had all of my Naruto-centric FST notes in because the file was open when she rebooted.  I lost several other files, too.

I have to start off almost totally from scratch, and I'd already put nine or ten hours into looking up songs and lyrics.  I had at LEAST twenty songs on the list (more like thirty) and I can hardly remember any of them.  I guess I'm mentally blocked.

I nearly put my fist through my monitor when I got up this morning, I was so mad.

Woe is me.  *angsts*

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I'm sorry. I'd be pretty mad too, if that happened to me. You're taking it a lot better than I would have.

If it helps, I know you had:
Ordinary Day - Great Big Sea
When I'm Up - Great Big Sea
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life - Monty Python
Yo Pumpkin Head - Yoko Kanno (MAYBE)
Popcorn - Hot Butter (MAYBE)

Yeah, I remembered those - plus I checked my LJ post. XDD Thanks, though. ^^

...Now to go through my MSN histories and look for the people I talked about the mix to since I started it and look for song lyrics/titles/keywords.

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