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Attack of the Res Nazis!!

The residence bitches locked up our kitchen!  Without giving people a chance to get their groceries or anything else they had stored there!  Rawr.  Caitlin mad.  Caitlin smash.

Apparently we've got a couple huge morons in this building - one person put potatoes in the oven and turned it up high and left it, and another put plastic bags in the oven and turned it to broil and left it.  How fucking moronic.

So, really, I can understand why they decided to close the kitchen, but it's still not cool that they locked people's groceries in there.

I vote for them making it required that, to get into the kitchen, one must sign out a key from the porter, and then they have an RA check the kitchen after each use.  Then, if anything happens, they'll know exactly who did it and when.

On a less-angry note, HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY!

Kiss me, I'm [a tiny little fraction] Irish!  (It's in there somewhere with the rest of my European ancestry. :P)

I figured the little bit of Irish in me makes it practically obligatory that I have at least one drink, therefore I am drinking mint chocolate Baileys in chocolate milk.  It is tasty.  ^__^  *loves mint chocolate*

Working on compiling my Naruto FST again.  Have found a song or two that I hadn't had before, but still miss the ones I had at first.  Woe.  :(  I'll probably post a "so far I have" kind of list within the next few days.
Tags: attack of the rez assholes, fanmixes, halfway through a bottle of moonshine

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