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*cough* Er, I mean... oh, fuck it. *jumps for joy* ^_^

userinfoalanahikarichan and I are officially a team for userinfo20_inkspots and she said we could do GAARA!! *huggles her teeny-tiny Gaara keychain* My happiness knows no bounds. This post's icon is being used in celebration of getting to do Gaara. ^_^

Believe it or not, we're actually not going to do either of the Dark theme sides sets, we're going to do one of the two Light sides sets.  Yes, Light. For Gaara, the largest seething ball of rage, angst, dangerous psychosis, and sand in all of Naruto (so far). [Note how I included "sand" to make sure it couldn't describe anyone else... ^^;;] We have actual logic behind that, though. Really. For the record, not all fangirls are completely unable to use logic. XD

Bascially, what it boils down to is that, of all the Sand-sib/Gaara-centric fic out there, most of what either of us has been fairly-- if not very-- dark. userinfoalanahikarichan mentioned it before I had a chance, but I was hoping she'd be okay with doing the Light side set. Gaara managing to win over his folks as the Kazekage, finding hope, trying to best the best person he can and all that jazz. (Pretty much what she said when we were discussing it, but I used more words.)

We stil haven't decided if we want to do the Concepts or the One Word Triggers yet, or if we want to do a combination. We can do some pieces as Concepts and some as One Word Triggers, as long as all of them are from the Light side set. Well, they all have to be from the same set, so that means Light, since that's what we've chosen.  Upon reading them over, I'm finding that the One Word Triggers seem to release the plotbunnies better. I've already had several attach themselves to my legs, and two to my left arm.  Good thing I'm right-side dominant when it comes to writing, walking, etc.

Hung out at Jan's today; we watched The Rock Musical Bleach and it was awesome, and had tacos for supper, and they were delish. Her mum (whose name I cannot remember because I am terrible with names) makes awesome tacos. Best tacos ever. Saturday is apparently taco day at their house... I think I'm going to have to start spending more Saturdays there. XD

Grah. Tired. Bedtime.
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