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Oooo, pretty colours!
strong chouji
Started working on the cover art for my Sandsibs fanmix yesterday.  I'm using anime images for Temari and Kankurou, and a manga image for Gaara, so of course I had to colour Gaara.  I'm all proud of my colouring job, even though it isn't that great.  XD  But it's pretty good considering i's the first time I've ever coloured a black and white image in PS.  Also, I'm rather proud of my sand.  :DDDD


This is the original panel...                               ...And this is my colouring job.  Go me!

I'll be posting my mix soon, so [if you care] look out for it here.  ^_^

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Wow. I am very impressed. It looks really close to the anime. Great job!

Yay, thanks!! ^__^ I'm glad it's not just me and someone else thinks it's not shit. XD I spent about eight hours on it because i R teh colouring n00b.

Yeah, I couldn't find the exact anime shot I wanted for Gaara, and couldn't find manga shots with the expressions/perspectives I wanted for Kankurou and Temari, so... yeah. ^^;; Now I just need to, like, pick a background colour to go behind Gaara, and stick them all together on the actual cover template. XD

Very pretty, Miss Caitlin!

That is phenomenal coloring. Seriously. O_O Just. *thumbs up*

Wow, it must be good if you're saying so. ^^;; Yay, thanks. :D

I like my sand best. Do you like my sand?

Holy crap! Had you not told me you had colored it from a manga image, I would have assumed it to be a anime screenshot.

Wow, thanks! I'm glad it's actually good and it's not just me having an ego. ^^;;

Holy crap! I totally would not have known that wasn't an anime pic.

...And I just realized that's exactly what the comment above says. But it's true :P

Seriously. Nice work.

Id try to be mean and burst your bubble, but
A) I realize you dont know me at all therefore you wouldnt realize I was only doing it in jest.

B) It was a phenomenal job so bubble onward and some such stuff.

I know who you are. :P Your username here is the same as on the Frihost forums. ^___^

But thanks for the compliment!

I have your gift in hand and I am really excited about sending it off now. The only thing I have to sort out with you is that the gift may take 4-6 weeks depending on how I send it, so that will result in it being mid-April as a possibility that it will arrive. Where do you propose I send it to? Your place at school or at home? (Don't mind me, I'm just taking precautions to ensure that you receive it.)

Ah, may as well send it to school. IF, for some reason (like Canada Post being stupid), it doesn't get here before classes and exams end, then they'll forward it to my permanent address. I checked with them last week. ^___^

...I have wandered by from kilerkki/my roommate's journal, and I've got to agree with her--that is some seriously amazing coloring. Dunno what you could do for a background, but it's still so pretty~

Ah, I knew I recognised your LJ handle. ^^

Thanks for the compliment, and I've actually got the background filled in now, I just haven't posted the new version here yet. I will eventually, though. <_< I actually ended up just filling in more sand. ^^;

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