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..."Spring"? What is this "spring" you speak of?
Happy first day of spring, everyone!  It's currently a not-so-balmy -6 Celsius (-21.2 Fahrenheit), and plus windchill it's -15 Celsius (5 Fahrenheit).  The snow has stopped, the sun is a little bit out, and the wind is NNW at 32 km/h (19.9 mph) and gusting at 49 km/h (30.4 mph).  What a beautiful spring day!

Not.  <_<

Though the weather's probably changing already.  XD

kilerkki, I'm highly jealous of your lovely weather.  You, too, atom0001, because it's probably not cold down there. :P

But, like my buddy Adam from Cape Breton says (well, sings): "hey, it still beats BC, 'cause at least we get more than just rain!"  XDD

EDIT: I forgot this, because I'd forgotten that the Run Against Racism is always on a different day, but today is ALSO the International Day for the Elimination of Racism.  YAY!

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Here it has just been hovering around 0. Hopefully tomorrow it goes up to 5-10... but! It is sunny. And sunny is fantastico.

My kingdom for rain right now.

*proceeds to be ill all over your comment page*


I've learned to appreciate heat as since I experience Washington D.C. weather, and even though that does not compare with your weather, I'd rather stay ignorant about your weather.

It's cool and breezy here. This is nice Floridian weather.

Oh yeah... It's sent! All we can do is wait and hope that they do not break it.

Haha, cool and breezy would feel warm right about now. XD

Wheeeee! I'm excited! ^_^

You jinxed us--it spent this morning cool and rainy. :P It's clearing up now, though!

Where in Canada are you, btw?


I'm on the east coast, in Nova Scotia. ^_^ *hearts NS, even though it has crazy weather*

Are you wearing a tartan bikini and a skirt oh-so-teeny? I need to rip those CDs again.

Naw, I forgot my tartan bikini at home, and my skirt oh-so-teeny doesn't fit any more because of Moe's. :P

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