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Pretty colours redux!

At phoenix_melody's prompting/request/whatever, I'm posting the second/final version of the Gaara manga panel I coloured for my fanmix cover.

Look, more sand!  I couldn't decide what colour to fill the background in with, and then I toyed with the idea of filling it in with sand, and then tonko_ni said she liked the idea, and I'm highly pleased with how it turned out.  Thanks, tonko_ni!!  ^_^

Also, it's a whole plus NINE Celsius (48 Fahrenheit) right now.  It hasn't been this warm since, like, October.  I'm so happy!!  I have BOTH of my huge windows opened all the way.  XD

I think I'm going to go to the playground later this evening and go on the swings.  ^_^  Why, yes, I do love swings even though I'm twenty.  XD
Tags: all four seasons run 24 hours a day, fun with photoshop

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