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Pretty colours redux!
Gaara stayin' alive
At phoenix_melody's prompting/request/whatever, I'm posting the second/final version of the Gaara manga panel I coloured for my fanmix cover.

Look, more sand!  I couldn't decide what colour to fill the background in with, and then I toyed with the idea of filling it in with sand, and then tonko_ni said she liked the idea, and I'm highly pleased with how it turned out.  Thanks, tonko_ni!!  ^_^

Also, it's a whole plus NINE Celsius (48 Fahrenheit) right now.  It hasn't been this warm since, like, October.  I'm so happy!!  I have BOTH of my huge windows opened all the way.  XD

I think I'm going to go to the playground later this evening and go on the swings.  ^_^  Why, yes, I do love swings even though I'm twenty.  XD

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I really like the sand background. And I'm amused that my roommate bludgeoned you into posting it, given that she bludgeons me into doing things all the time. Great job!

Also, swings are just about the best thing ever. I went on a group date this summer where we had a picnic in the park, then spent about two hours playing tag on the jungle gym and racing each other on the swings. It was a blast. And the youngest person there (me) was 20, so hah!

Thanks!! ^^ Well, she didn't really bludgeon, she just said that I should post it, so I figured why not? XD

Yay, a fellow swings fan!! ^___^ Also, that sounds like the best group date ever. :D

Well, that depends on how your bronchitis, tonsillitis, and ear infections are doing. :P

I am shamed - I'm not going to karate tonight because works made me want to kill anyone giving me orders or instructions. Bad me, no cookie! <_<

...I'm famous now? >.>;

That being said, I do like the sand background. Now Gaara has lots and lots of sand with which to kill the person he's glaring at. >D

I dunno about famous, but it WAS you who prompted me to post this. XD

Yes, lots and lots of sand. :D

Perfect. I'm excited to see the finished product.

When I was in D.C., we found a playground and just went at it.

Well, sadly, the cover-so-far isn't looking as good as this individual image, but oh well!

Wheee, playground. :D:D:D

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