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Temari hot
So.  I made up seven possible front covers for my Sandsibs fanmix, and two have been discarded entirely.  And now I can't decide between the other five.  <_<  So I figured why not ask you folks which one you like best!  XD

Yes, I am indecisive and somewhat insecure.  ^^;;  So help me decide, guys.  Please!  ^_^






So... yeah.  There they are.  And I'm unable to decide, because I suck.  XD  Obviously, I have to add text (just "Scirocco - A Sandsibs FST" and then my username down in the bottom somewhere all little), but other than that?  Pretty much done.  All that'll be left is to lump it all together and upload/post it to various locations.  :P

I have a couple different images I can/will use for my back cover depending on which front cover I end up using, but I know exactly what I'm doing for the back cover.  XD

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I like 4 because the pictures of the Sandsibs stand out more.

I cannot decide either, but I'd narrow it down to the ones set at night.

I like #3 best just because I do. Lmao.

3 or 4, I'd say. Though, stick a 1 pixel border and possibly a drop shadow on the pictures of the people, to make 'em stand out more as seperate images. And stick a border on the whole cover, too. Borders = essential. **nods**

Thanks for the input. ^^ I'll see how it looks. :D

Hmmm, I like #3 best. I like the night/bright contrast, and I also like the cliff edges on the top part.

Okay. ^^ *adds your vote to the tally*

I like 5 best. It looks the most epic.

Ahahaha, I'm the only one that didn't choose a night-time pic.

I just think the night ones clash unpleasantly and don't evoke the same "desert" image, but yes- I suppose they do emphasize the characters themselves.

Now I've had two votes for five (someone on MSN said they liked five). ^^

Sigh. This isn't helping as much as I had hoped. XDD Woo, mixed messages?

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