March 26th, 2007

Kakashi anBU!

I love my friends!

I have the best friends ever.  The following is only a sample of their awesomeness, based on the two parcels I got in the mail today.

tonko_ni sent me The Sentinel.  The entire series.  My offer to gave your intarwebz babies still stands.  ^______^

atom0001 sent me an eyepatch to complete my pirate costume and a choko and sakazuki set!  The next cosplay I do will be Tsunade, I promise, though I don't know how soon it'll be.  Hopefully for Animaritime next year, since there's no way I can afford Anime North (airfare is the real killer) while being in school.

OMG thank you both SO much.  *spazflail*

I wonder what I did to deserve such awesome friends...?  ^.^;;;

Note to all my other friends: you guys are all awesome, too, I just didn't get mail from you today to post about.  XD  But you're all still awesome, so don't doubt that.
rostand: we've got a date with a VCR, bitch.  *grin*