January 21st, 2008



This?  Disgusts me thoroughly.

This?  Makes me laugh my ass off at the stupidity and self-importance.  English as the original language of the Bible?  The King James Version as the original version?   Please don't make me beat my brains in with a rock.  The Old Testament is from the Tanakh which was, if I'm remembering my Comparative Religions class from SMU properly, was originally written in old Hebrew or something and the New Testament was originally (mostly) written in Greek.

These are the kinds of people that give nice, sane Christians (like a number of my friends and family) a bad name.

On a happier note, I had a hilarious webcomic recced to me the other day: Vampirates.  A comic about Canadian vampire pirates.  They steal the ferry that runs between North Sydney (NS) and Port-aux-Basques (NFLD) to sail it up the Saint-Laurent to Thunder Bay (ONT) on their way to Saskatchewan on a quest of vengeance.  It's fabulous.

Hassan: Why are you treating me like a villain?
Murphy: Because you suckerpunched the bus driver?