November 22nd, 2011


Мои твиты

  • Пн, 16:20: Got a box of awesome from Tramble today that makes my technophile heart squee and my barely-there sense of self worth dare to hope.
  • Пн, 16:43: Awesome: Contains assistive technologies I could never have afforded until I qualified for the Canada Studies Grant, which paid for them.
  • Пн, 16:54: Awesomer: Is just overall freaking cool, because I'm a very writery, geeky, gadgety person.
  • Пн, 17:18: Awesomest: Will very much mitigate a few (of the many) ADD traits I live. Specifically those that've made me fail no matter how hard I tried
  • Пн, 17:32: So for pretty much the first time ever, next time I reply, 'Of course', in answer to 'Think you'll finish?' I'll actually THINK IT'S TRUE
  • Пн, 17:39: If I've ever seriously believed I'd get my degree, I can't remember it. I remember lots of saying it & wishing I could believe my own words.
  • Пн, 18:21: Today? Has been a fucking awesome day. I can't even. 140 characters of nothing but :DD wouldn't even come close to how :DD today went
  • Пн, 21:23: Popped my smartpen's cherry in the night class I just had. :D So very, very cool.
  • Пн, 22:57: I can name my smartpen. This pleases me. Suggestions, anyone? XD
  • Пн, 23:07: SIGNAL BOOST Yuki's Latest Situation: Good AND Bad - RT @jhameia
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