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*pathetic Bree gatekeeper imitation* Drabbles! Three drabbles!
So I've been on a bit of a drabble kick lately - wrote three in my most recent few French 115 classes.  Two Gaara POV, and one Neji (much to tonko_ni's happiness).  Concrit and/or comments are awesome, by the way.  *is a total review h0r*

But damnit, I still have no titles. :(


It was supposed to be a solemn occasion, but Gaara allowed himself a small smile.  He had been waiting years for this, and was pleased that it had finally come to pass.  Most people wouldn’t notice his smile, anyway, and those who did likely wouldn’t care.

There were fewer people present than he’d expected.  Only close friends, those who had become like family to the man walking towards him as he stood waiting patiently.

“Congratulations, Hokage-sama,” said Gaara, shaking the strong, warm hand as he bowed slightly to his equal.

Beaming, Naruto bowed back, red and white robes rustling quietly.


‘Get up!’ his mind shouted, even as his body screamed with pain.  ‘Get up now!’

He had to get up, because he was a sitting duck if he didn’t and he wouldn’t let himself fail his friends and they had been able to get up so he had to be able to because he was as strong as them and he wouldn’t die without completing his mission.

Slowly, slowly, slowly, he forced himself to his feet, panting heavily, legs shaky beneath him.

Naruto and Hinata had done it.  Had stood when they should’ve been beaten.

Now Neji did the same.


Gaara used to look at Kankurou and see their father.  He used to hate him for looking like that man, that man that had made his life a lonely hell.

Gaara used to look at Temari and see their mother.  He used to hate her because she looked like the woman who had hated him, and by extension the uncle who had betrayed him.

Gaara used to look at Kankurou and see their father, and look at Temari and see their mother.

Now, Gaara looks at Kankurou and sees his brother, and he looks at Temari and sees his sister.

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Re: *more fangirl moments*

No, not a nerd. You're just dedicated. :) Then again, you are an English major. I'm sure that stuff is embedded in your head. ^_~

Re: *more fangirl moments*

...I have to admit, grammar/syntax/structure/all that stuff has been something of an obsession/love of mine for, well, years. Since I was, like, fourteen. ^^;; It's one reason I decided to do English - I want to teach. SOMEONE has to teach these kids grammar. You know there's something wrong when people with English as their SECOND language pick up on some or all of the grammar/syntax/whatever errors a native English speaker has made in their writing... <_<

Re: *more fangirl moments*

Oh dear, I really hope I'm not guilty of that. >.>; And I don't want to use the English-is-my-second-language excuse, even though it applies.

I think that is a very noble and admirable trait you have there. Where the hell were you during my high school years? :P

Re: *more fangirl moments*

Well, from what I read so far, your sort of big "problems" (though I hesitate to use that word - damn you for being so imprecise, English!) are that you over-state things sometimes and could pull back a little on the epithets, but you're generally very good. I totally know where the epithet thing comes from, though, because SO MANY PEOPLE DO IT, including a number of otherwise good writers. If I may, what is you first language? That would help ne understand where you're coming from grammatically.

I may have been in school myself, haha, it depends on how old you are. XD

Re: *more fangirl moments*

Chinese - and most specifically, Mandarin - is my first language. I learned English at a pretty young age, but sometimes I get confused when switching languages. Damn the tense differences. ^^0

By epithets, do you mean the way I use different terms to refer to people rather than using their names? If so, then I have to admit, I do that on purpose. It's just a personal preference, but I get really annoyed when I see Character X's name over and over and over and over and over... >.>; But at the same time, I don't want to abuse pronouns either. Bah, I am simply full of eccentricies. XD

Re: *more fangirl moments*

Ah. Ahhhhhhh. Gotcha. Tense differences indeed! Not to mention... what the hell are those called... oh, yeah, dur, all the tonal stuff. Rising tone and falling tone and all that. Though I suppose English makes up for its lack of that with all its their/there/they're and to/two/too homophone and chase/chase homonym shit. XD Oh, English, you are a cruel, cruel mistress...

Oh, yeah, sorry. Epithets are stuff like "the redhead," "the brunet," "older boy." (I've also seen ones like "the tri-coloured-hair boy," which made my soul die. ;_; ) They're okay to use, but using a bunch close together can be confusing and is generally seen as something to be done in moderation, especially if one uses long epithets: "the orange and blue clad boy," for example. (Which I have seen. Ergh.)

Getting the right balance of names/ epithets, and pronouns can be difficult, particularly when you have multiple characters speaking at the same time. It's one of my pitfalls - I have to go back and think about each one I'm using, why I'm using it, and how, or else I end up overusing them and stuff.

Re: *more fangirl moments*

*grins* So you're familiar with the confusion of the tone changes, hmm? There is a sentence in Chinese that goes, "Mother is yelling at the horse," and the funny thing about the sentence is, all the words sound very familiar. The only difference between them is the fact that they are each spoken with a different tone. Gotta love that about Chinese... It's great at confusing the hell out of foreigners. :P

Oh, I wholeheartedly agree. Actually, I'm trying to be better about using names more often, but old habits die hard, eh? ^^0 I have to make a conscious effort to do so, but I am definitely trying to change that certain aspect of myself. Heh, I was worse before, if you can believe it.

Re: *more fangirl moments*

Well, I have a Chinese roommate here at school, and nearly half my floor is made up of Chinese students, so while I don't understand what they're saying (I only know "xiexie" and "nihao," haha, and I can't even remember if those are Mandarin or Cantonese), I've heard them talk enough and been curious enough to ask about it. ^^

Old habits die hard indeed. Stupid old habits. XDD I used to be terrible about epithets - I've used "the orange and blue clad boy"-type ones before, haha. Shame on me. XD

Re: *more fangirl moments*

"Xiexie" and "ni hao" are Mandarin. ^_^ They mean "thank you" and "how are you" respectively. I love pinyin, so much easier writing than the characters themselves. ^_~

XD Hey, that's pretty funny there. I used to see some strange ways of describing Yugi's hair color (of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime) that really boggled the mind... o.O They get points for creativity, I suppose...?

Re: *more fangirl moments*

Okay, Mandarin. I remembered what they meant (though I thought "ni hao" was a "good day" kinda thing... I was close!), but not which Chinese language they were. ^^;;

Man, I've seen them, too. That "the tri-coloured-hair boy" is a ... 'gem' I picked up in the YGO fandom. XD No, no points for creativity. NEGATIVE POINTS FOR MAKING MY SOUL CRY! /bitchy

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