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...Of course, bad days can always turn good!
intellectual superiority
So.  My bad day turned good once I hit the end of English class.  That English paper that I was being emo over in this post?  Which I then posted here?

Yeah, I got it back today.  I got a 19.5/25.  Seventy-eight percent!  Take that, Disgrace

Also, got my Celtic Civ test back.  Ninety-five percent.  Oh yeah, bitches.  :D

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They ARE pretty good. :D Well, English is pretty good and Celtic Civ is great. But that's why I took Celtic Civ this semester - I knew I could easily get at LEAST an eighty on every test/exam. XD It's Seamus - he's easy high grades. :P

Hey hey, did you see the drabbles I posted a few days ago? You might like them; they're a couple entries down if you haven't seen them.

What is Celtic Civ about?

Yes, I saw them. I enjoyed them, but as of late, I haven't had much to say, so I decided to remain silent on that one, but I especially liked Naruto's induction.

"Celtic Civ" is short for "Celtic Civilisations" (AKA "seamus time" after the prof), which is about, well, the Celtic civilisations. The Welsh, Scottish, Irish, Manx, Cornish, and Breton; cultural groups who live in those areas and/or speak one of the Celtic languages. It's some history, some myth, discussion of the six Celtic languages, stuff like that.

Ah, okay. ^^ I just wasn't sure if you saw them - having nothing to say is totally fine. ^_^ I'm glad you liked them. :D

What makes it so easy for you?

Well, I've been reading Celtic mythology since I was nine or ten, so there's that. Then there's the part where I already knew most of what Seamus taught us about the languages because beautydreaming had taught me about them last year as a way of studying for her tests (you learn 95% of what you teach someone else). Also, a lot of it is just straight memorisation, plus I find the stuff we do generally fascinating. ^___^

So... yeah. Also, Seamus' classes are all formatted thus:
- Two tests, each out of ten points, with partial points awarded
- One midterm exam, out of 25 points, with partial points awarded
- One final exam, out of 25 points (I believe), partial points awarded

The tests are pretty straightforward, and the exams always include at least two or three of the test questions word-for-word. It's a class where you can: A) not pay attention, and read the textbooks to get everything you need; B) pay attention, and never read the texts and get everything you need; or C) neither go nor pay attention, but just download the notes he posts online and get everything you need.

So... yeah. The only paper is optional, and in place of midterm. Pretty easy stuff. :D

Wow, so basically this course was a breeze for you.

Not only that, he seems like a really cool professor.

Yeah, it's pretty much a breeze. :D That was one reason I took it, honestly - I need to make sure my average is over 60 at the end of the year, and I knew that I'd damn near ace this class.

Seamus... cool? Ha. Hahahahahahaha. XDD Cool is not the word I would use. XD I have to get up and leave and walk around the hallway a little bit every class to keep from falling asleep. He makes lame, unfunny jokes; speaks in a combination Southern US and Scottish accent (don't ask me how that works); he's slightly creepy sometimes. XD He's not cool, but he's an easy prof as long as you're able to memorise easily. :D

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