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Rawr, exams.
smiley!Gaara grain
My exam schedule has changed from:

April 19th, 2PM - Celtic Civilizations (the class that's getting its ass kicked by me)
April 21st, 2PM - English 110
April 25th, 7PM - Psychology 100
April 26th, 9AM - French 220 (the one I'm failing/really, really close to failing)
April 26th, 2PM - French 115 (the one that I'm doing okay but not great in)


April 19th, 2PM - Celtic Civilizations
April 19th, 6PM - French 115
April 21st, 2PM - English 110
April 25th, 7PM - Psychology 100
April 26th, 9AM - French 220

Because Arpin (my 115 prof) is nice and stuff, he's letting me write my 115 exam earlier so I can focus on my 220 and my Psych, two of my three worst classes (the other is 115).  Since I'm totally whooping Celtic Civ's butt (93 and 95 on the first ans second test, respectively, and 80 on the midterm), having 115 the same day as Celtic Civ is much preferable to having it after Psych 100 and 220.  This also means I have more time to spend on Psych and 220.

I wish I could take French 215 with Arpin next year, because he's awesome, but he doesn't teach it.  I'll have to ask around and find out which prof/profs is/are better.  Or just pick the class based on when it happens.  XD

Also, Porcelain Doll Scene is an awesome band.  They're from Nova Scotia, and write awesome songs (there's a couple songs you can download from their website if you're curious).  I was talking to Gayle (the vocalist) at the Creative Writing Reading Night last night, and she said that she's working on a song about Mary Ellen Spook, who lived in Caledonia Mills (close by), which is awesome.  (Mary Ellen Spook is  alluded to in PDS's song "Life in New Scotland", but I think Gayle meant that this song was only about Mary Ellen Spook.)

Brief summary of the Mary Ellen Spook story: she was adopted by a childless couple who lived on a farm in Caledonia Mills.  When she was around 16 or so, fires began to break out around the house for no reason, and not near sources of flame like the fireplace.  There are mentions of a large black dog also having been seen playing with Mary, but the dog wouldn't play with or go near anyone else.  Eventually, the house burnt down and the family moved away.

The land is currently unoccupied - no one from this area, or even some other areas of the province, would ever live there.  A story about the Mary Ellen Spook Farm was featured on Creepy Canada during season three, though they were most definitely mistaken when they claimed that there is no a campground on the old Spook Farm land. Hahaha no.  The land is haunted - the story goes that if anyone goes there and takes anything from the foundation of the house, fires will break out and/or other bad things will happen to the person until whatever was taken is returned or ceremoniously burnt.

It's something that everyone who has grown up here knows about - I know people who have gone out there to explore and have had crazy shit happen to them (then the next night they went and broke into the old mental hospital in Pictou, which is also haunted - I never said they were particularly smart XD).

A good example of just how notorious the Spook Farm is around the Pictou/Antigonish areas is this: a few friends went out to the Spook Farm one night, because they had never been and were curious.  When they came back to town, they went into the 24-hour Subway on East River Road n New Glasgow.  Trying to be friendly, the manager asked them what they had been doing out that late.  When they said that they had been out at the Spook Farm, they were told to leave.  The manager didn't want them there in case they had taken anything with them from the farm.

The Spook Farm is only one of the many places with ghosts/etc. there in Nova Scotia - there's that, and the Pictou mental hospital, and the Fortress at Louisbourg, George's Island in Halifax Harbour, there's Red Eyes in the Merigomish area, and even the building I'm living in right now.  And those are only the ones I can think of off the top of my head, no research involved.

Also, I firmly believe in Red Eyes, and he/she/it terrifies me to no end.  rostand, too.

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OMG YAY PDS! *fangirls like woah!*

OMG YAY INDEED!! *fangirls also*

I'll give them a listen.

I don't understand. Why is it referred to by the little girl if the farm is haunted?

Is Nova Scotia a breeding ground for paranormal activity?

What eerie activities have occurred where you are living?

Just trying to spread the PDS love. :D

Everything that happened at the farm only started happening after Mary Ellen was adopted, and around Mary Ellen - because things were centred around her, the farm got the name the Mary Ellen Spook Farm ("Spook" was a nickname she obtained, as far as I recall). Since the farm has been abandoned, some freaky things still happen, but seemingly only when people are making trouble/stealing stuff from the house.

Nova Scotia does seem to have a lot of paranormal-type activity, yes. Personally, I'm of the opinion that it's because there's so much history here. The French established the first permanent settlement in 1604, but the Mi'kmaq had been here for quite some time before that. There's lots of old Mi'kmaq burial grounds and stuff around, and a few battlefields. In Halifax (the provincial capital, est. 1749), they do ghost tours at night. There's actually a ghost tour in New Glasgow, the town next to mine, as well, though it's mostly done during the summer, when it's not freezing at night. XD Personally, I love the copious amounts of paranormal stuff in NS. Even the school where I attended grades 7 through 11 (East Pictou) had something nearby - as in, just a few minutes down the road.

There's an old graveyard a short distance from EP that one can hardly get to because the road is very overgrown, and it hasn't been kept up at all. There's a little girl (she was, I think, around six when she died) buried there. When one drives to this graveyard, you can't drive all the way in, you have to get out and walk part way down the road. If you go and leave something at this grave - flowers, a small stuffed toy, whatever - when you come back to your car, it's said that there will be a child's handprint in the condensation on your car. I know that this one is true - I know people that have gone there and it's happened to them. ^_^

As for eerie things where I am right now, well, my building is haunted by the ghost of a nun (it used to be a convent), whom we call the Blue Nun - everyone has a roommate in Gilmora, even if you're in a single. She's the ghost of a nun who was raped by a priest, and then she became pregnant. She committed suicide by jumping from the fourth floor balcony. The priest later killed himself as well - he's around on occasion, too, but he's just plain scary. Sometimes you can feel him walking in the hallway, and it's bloody terrifying.

The Nun mostly does things like odd noises in the night, or even just kind of lurks around and you know that she's there because you can feel it. One night, beautydreaming and I were tidying up our room. I was sitting on my bed, and she had just taken all the books off of her bed and remade it entirely. She turned around to talk to me, and when she turned back to her bed, one of the books she had just put away was sitting in the middle of her bed.

One of the girls on my floor, Jess, always gets up really early in the morning to shower - around five or six. She has sung in the shower and heard someone singing along with her, even though no one else is up. The Blue Nun has a bit more of a presence on the fourth floor, though (I'm on third). It's nothing malicious, but it's certainly a little creepy sometimes. I think it's great, though. I love this stuff.

Their guitar riffs are amazing, but (Sorry for the criticism, but I am a critic at heart) the vocal music and overall vocal performance could do with a bit of improvement. It's definitely music I'd get into.

Have you ever tried to do so yourself? First-hand account is always best.

That is very creepy. But harmless, I suppose?

Hey, I never said that they were perfect, just awesome. XD Some of what you're hearing in the vocals that you don't like or whatever (I'm not sure exactly you think needs improvement, after all XD) could be the Cape Breton accent. I don't know if you've ever heard the Cape Breton accent, but it is a pretty strong one. It throws off a lot of people who don't know it or have never heard it before. ^^;;

Until just before I moved away this year, I couldn't drive very late and my parents always wanted me home long before the legal curfew of midnight, so I never had a chance. It's something I'd like to do this summer, though, since I no longer have a curfew on my driver's license. (Though I'd need to find people who have gone before, because I'm not sure exactly where the Spook farm is, other than Caledonia Mills, or precisely where the entrance to the graveyard is - like I said, it's really over grown.)

Yeah, pretty much harmless. Definitely creepy, but harmless.

The melody of the vocals are bit off and the they need to touch it up a bit electronically, because it is a bit bland.

How is the licensing system up there?

Good, I probably still wouldn't live there. I'm been known to be a bit of a fraidy cat.

Ah, okay. If it makes any difference to you, those are, as far as I understand, their demo versions. If I understood Gayle correctly, they're doing re-records for their album.

You go for your beginner's (or "L" for "learner's") any time after 16 by taking a written test. After that, you have it for six months minimum, unless you do a driving course with a minimum or 25 hours of road time, then you only have to have it for three months. During this period, you may only drive with one other person in the car, and that person must be a fully licensed driver with a valid license and in the front seat. The tolerance for blood alcohol is zero, no matter your age, and any bottled alcohol MUST be in the trunk of the car, no exceptions.

Once your three/six months are up, you go take a road test. If you pass, you get your graduated or 5N license - standard licenses are Class 5, and the N is for "newly". This license is for two years, and during this period, if your license get suspended even just for 24 hours or you get more than 8 (I think) demerits (speeding, illegal parking, etc.) then you have to start the two years over again. During these two years, between 5 AM and midnight, you can have as many people in the car as there are seatbelts, as long as there is only one other person in the front seat (some old cars have front-middle seats). Between midnight and 5 AM, one reverts to learner status with all the restrictions. The exception is that with a 5N, if you want you can request exemption if you work, or you can pay for exemption if you just don't want the restriction (but it's expensive). Again, absolutely no alcohol in your blood at any time you're behind the wheel, and no alcohol anywhere in the car but the trunk.

After the two years you go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to get your license upgraded to a standard or "full" Class 5. Another road test is not required, but you must have completed a defensive driving course of a minimum of six hours and have proof of completion (standard driver's ed courses include this). This license expires every three years on your birthday and you have to go get it reissued.

Keep in mind that these are all Nova Scotia terms, and all provinces are slight different. For example Ontario allows other passengers in the back seat on you L, but there are restrictions as to which highways one may use. Ontario also has different names for the licenses - G1 for L, G2 for 5N, and G for 5.

Well, the thing about the Nun is that she generally only makes herself known to people who acknowledge her and stuff. If one pretends she doesn't exist, she probably won't do anything. ^__^

Ah, than all is way, as since demos are allowed to sound garage-band. That's the only thing that needs to be re-recorded, otherwise I love the music.

So that means you have just received your "full" Class 5?

So you acknowledge her? And your friend, Jess, at the time, did she acknowledge her? And does the same rules apply to the priest.

Apologies for the abundance of questions, I'm just one that attempts to not believe in the paranormal, but when the subject is broached, I begin to feel a bit frightened, thus curiosity sets in.

Ah, okay. ^__^ I love the music anyway - partly because the lyrics are, well, so very local and cool and stuff and it makes me happy - but I have a certain fondness for garage bands. Around half my guy friends from high school were in garage bands. XD

Yep, I got it a few days before I moved out of my house and into res (08/31/06).

Yes, we both do/have acknowledged her - as in, we've talked out loud to her and stuff. I chatted with (more like at, really) her every time I went down to the kitchen. The priest comes around a LOT less often, and only some people on the floor notice him when he does. I'm not sure if that's because they don't believe in the paranormal, or what. I have no sweet clue. XD

Hey, it's all good. :D Questions are fun. ^^ I love the paranormal and have always believed in ghosts and spirits and stuff. I don't mind answering questions. :)

It's rough, but it's cool.

Have you noticed him?

I rather like rough/unpolished-ish music a lot of the time, so... yeah. :D

Ohgods. Yes, I've noticed him. I have no way to describe him other than SCARY AS FUCK. Bad vibes like whoa, no exaggeration. He's only been around maybe four or five times since September though, thankfully.

Any harm in the matter? Or he just roams about and you feel him?

He doesn't seem to do anything other than roam the hallways and feel terrifying and malevolent, but that's enough. So creeeeepy~! <_<

I hope I do not get nightmares tonight... I'm such a pussy. *_*

Well, according to my Psychology class you shouldn't. We learnt that it takes six days for things to process from your conscious to your subconscious to make it possible for whatever it is to be present in your dreams.

So... hopefully not! Sorry. ^^;;

I didn't realize we had an old mental hospital in Pictou. I know we had the small pox hospital, and that that was haunted, but I never knew about the mental one. Where abouts is it?

They might be one and the same - I've never been there, so I'm going on hearsay for what it used to be. I've heard people call it "the old hospital" and people call it "the old mental hospital" - and I know they were all talking about the same building, because this was the day after they broke in. XD

mary ellen spook

iam writing a research paper on this subject for my english 1302 course and i was wondering if you have any sources that might help me out.

Well, I know that there's a page hosted on the Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library website. It's a reprinting of a published article and has a page about further reading, so it may help.
Here's the link: http://www.parl.ns.ca/maryellenspook/index.asp

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