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Thank you, Mum and Dad and the Canadian Red Cross...
Edward big bros
...for teaching me what to do when someone is having a seizure, and how to keep my head and use my common sense.

The fire alarm went off around five to two-ish.  I very reluctantly and slowly got up and went outside - not instant-out like I usually do.

I'd been standing around for maybe five or ten minutes - long enough for the alarm to stop and they were just about to start letting people back in when one girl (I don't know her name but I've seen her around the building)started taking a seizure.  Considering her friends' reaction, I'm pretty positive she's epileptic; they were worried, but not the kind of freaking-out-worried that probably would have happened if she had never seized before or if they didn't know.  I also heard "another", "again", and "she's going to be really tired tomorrow", so I think she's probably epileptic.

I started timing it when I saw she was seizing, and I think someone else was, too, and put my jacket over her because it's pretty cold out there tonight (and then other people added jackets and someone had a blanket).  The length of the seizure and her state of consciousness became pretty irrelevant when she started coughing up blood, though.  I didn't have my cell phone because I hadn't taken it when I left the building, so I ran across the road to where the security guard was checking people's hands (for the fire alarm dye, since it was pulled for no reason) as they went in and he radioed for one (I couldn't get in to a phone fast enough) and then went over to where she was after I ran back.  Someone else called for an ambulance at the same time, I guess, because two showed up and at the same time.

I need to remember to thank my parents profusely for teaching me how to keep a level head in a crisis, and thank Mum for teaching me about epilepsy and seizures.

Then guitarpulsation and Michelle showed up around three-thirty (as I was starting this entry) or so because there was a fire in their floor's laundry and the entire building was moved to my building's gym while they get it sorted out, so they came up to visit.  Then Michelle and I went for a walk to walk off my adrenaline, tried to find the mysteriously disappeared guitarpulsation, and parted ways once we found out where she'd gone.

Because I am going to bed now.  Good night all.  If this was incoherent, sorry.

Edit, 1245: I just talked to my RA, and she's okay - she's back at res and stuff already, so that's good.  Whew.

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Good Caitlin! You rock. *hug-hug-hug*
I hope the rest of your week goes better.
I miss you!

I'm okay now, it was just more than a little nerve-wracking and adrenaline-inducing! ^^;; *hugs back*

I miss you tooooooo! When are you coming home to NS?

still at christmas. I really don't have the money to travel now.
I know I know! It would be nice to go sooner, but I don't want to miss out on all the training that's happening at my work right now. (still doing cancellations, but learning new stuff too!) ^-^

Ah, well. AT LEAST YOU'RE COMING HOME! YAY!!! ^____^

Hello from Canadian Red Cross

Hello there:

We like to check the blogosphere to see what folks are saying about Canadian Red Cross, and we read with interest your post about the seizure and knowing what to do to respond.

Any chance you'd be interested in providing a brief testimonial about how your training helped you respond? We would love to use it in promotional material, along with your name.

Thank you,
Colleen Lavender
Canadian Red Cross

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