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Now what?
I just got my marks for the year.

Celtic Civilization II: 80
English 110: Literature: Genres and Forms: 66
Psychology 100: Intro Psych: 58
French 115: French Language II: 57
French 220: Language and Culture: 38

Celtic Civ is a half-year course.  That means my average is 57.56.

To be able to go back I need 18 credits (I have 21), to pass APEX (I did), and a 60 average.

Now what do I do?

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Talk to an academic advisor. There might be some sort of Academic Probation programme that they can put you on to give you another few courses to get your marks up.

Seriously- schools don't like it when their students flunk out. Go talk to someone. Please?

I was already on Academic Probation. The three things I listed were what I had to do to get OFF AP, but I don't know what happens if I only fulfil two of the three criteria.

I have called Wendy, my AP advisor-type-person, though. She wasn't in her office, so I left a message.

Yeah. Not to mention, if I do get to go back, I'm probably out of my awesome campus job unless I can wrangle something with the RLC office. Maybe use the excuse that RAs can sometimes get away with having a lower than 60 average, so why can't a porter? Or something. <_<

I hope you can work things out then :(

I'm sorry. I'm slightly lost about this form of academics. Shouldn't those extra 3 credits help your average?

Because my Celtic Civ course is only a half-year course, it doesn't contribute as much to my average as French 220, since French 220 is a full year course. Without the Celtiv Civ course, my average would have been 54.75.

What are the other two courses?

If you mean how long were the other courses, they were all full-year courses, except for Celtic Civ.

And those will not help your average?

They're already worked into my average. My average contains all of my classes - sadly, it isn't like high school, where one can drop their lowest mark as long as it isn't a required course. :(

Good news, though, is that I apparently only need a 55 average and not a 60, so I'm safe. :D

I thought extra credits, as in more than the required amount would have increased the average.


Ohhhhhhhhhh, okay. Gotcha. Well, to get more credits, I would need to have taken more classes, and I had five classes second semester.

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