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smiley!Gaara grain
So after seeing my marks and average yesterday, I had a little freak out and called my academic probation adviser-y type person and left a rather panicked message.

She e-mailed me this morning, and apparently I'm okay.  According to Wendy, the threshold for STFX is 55, so I can go back in the fall with no penalties.


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(Deleted comment)
Omigod, yes, I want to come visit some weekend!!

...And I actually had started writing you a reply letter to the one you sent me, and I have several pages, but it got packed or something when I was getting ready to move out of res, I think. <_<

(Deleted comment)
Yes, we shall. Once I'm no longer running around like a crazy thing and Mum is back from England, I'll be able to actually figure out a good weekend to come up for. :D

Okay, if I find it I'll mail it anyway. ^___^

Awesome. I was so afraid that you didn't have a solution, and I was even more disappoint at myself for not providing at least an attempt at an answer. I'm glad everything's fine.

It is pretty awesome. Yay, school! But don't upset with yourself for not having had an answer - I didn't have one either, and I know the school system here!

Yay for the caitlin!!
......I just noticed your borg icon....baw-hahahahahaha!
Resistance is impolite!! haha XD

Yay indeed!

I do <3 my Canadian Borg icon. <3

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