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OMG, I live!
Naruto kata
...Yeah, another big gap between updates.  I'm terrible, I know.

I'm alive and well and all that jazz, working my new babysitting/nanny type job, which keeps me away from home and without internet for three and four days at a time.  *is away for work now, but borrowing someone else's internet*

If you were around my LJ last September, then you probably remember me posting about my cousin Anthony, who died (posts can be found here and here).  We finally got the results of the inquest/inquiry/thing they had to do because of the inconclusive autopsy and they decided that it was an accidental death.  Apparently, he had only been taking his medications intermittently and that can cause confusion, so he may have accidentally overdosed or something.  We still don't have a cause or time of death, but at least we have something.

And since I am borrowing [info]guitarpulsation's internet and she's gone out, I think I'm going to go now.  XDD

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You must find a way to do so and still provide us with updates.

Oh my... I hope that gives just a bit of settlement.


I shall be attempting to not procrastinate updating my LJ during the times I am actually home, as my life should start slowing down considerably on... Monday. XD Except for those six or so days I shall be spending at a cottage on PEI with small children and no internets. XD

Yeah, it is nice to get at least a little bit pf closure, though a bit more info would have been nice. ^^;;

Small children and no internet is an abomination.

Cannot wait until more updates come our way.

*sigh* The bureaucracy.

At least I like kids, though. :D

I'll probably make an update tonight after I get home from the city.

Bureaucracy = teh suck.

You've got to if you don't have internet.

Cannot wait.



Oh hun, I wish they could have provided a bit more info for you and your family, but at least you have enough for a bit of closure. The waiting to find out must have been just as bad, if not worse, than not knowing.

I hope the job is going well for you!

*hugs back*

Yeah, the waiting and not-knowing was not so hot. Having something is better than nothing, though.

The job is going well! Clare (age two, and very mummy-clingy) is even letting me hold her and help her get dressed and stuff now. :D

I would say I shared your lack-of-internet woes...but apparently while the family's here in summer, we get internet at the cottage, so...I am not internet-less^^;; *pats* But I feel for you all the same. I hope you're still enjoying the job...the kids sound so cute :D

And...I'm not sure what to say about the inconclusive conclusion they've drawn thus far about Anthony. I'm not that good with this kind of thing, despite my good intentions. But I hope what they've found and the results they continue to work on will bring a form of closure. The not-knowing would drive me crazy...

I love you^^ I hope everything's going well.

Re: your internets: >:P

Well, as far as I'm concerned, it being deemed accidental is better than not knowing at all.

Also: rappig.

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