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Neville and Luna = made of win
intellectual superiority
Look, atom0001, I'm updating!  I said I probably would!  :D

ZOMG.  Saw Order of the Phoenix today in the IMAX in Bayer's Lake.  Neville and Luna are made of win.  Umbridge is, of course, made of lose and fail.  The Weasley twins are made of win.  Grawp is made of win, the centaurs are made of win, everyone except for, like, Umbridge and Fudge are made of win, really.  And the hugely long 3D scene was also made on win!  Department of Mysteries = teh rawk.

OMG, the thestrals!  *loves on them*

That's all for now!

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Still though, they are going to be left with several plot holes.

The perfect place for it to be in 3D.

Well, it depends upon how they adapt Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows to film.

It was indeed. The flying sequence in 3D made me happy. :D

Probably, yeah. But it's a good thing Rowling looks over the scripts beforehand. Accordingly, had it not been for Rowling, Kreacher would not have existed.

Huh, really? I never heard about that.

I believe. I do not know the original source, but I remember specifically reading it from a reliable source. It said that when they finished the script, they handed it to Rowling to take a look at it and she said that it would be unwise to cut Kreacher or else they would be in a bit o' trouble when they adapt the 7th book. They considered and immediately added him in.

It's on Wikipedia now, but I can only assume you do not believe it too be reliable.

Honestly, I just hadn't seen it. Wiki is reliable enough to use as a starting point, but I haven't read the Wiki article on the OOTP movie.

The article does shed some light on different things.

I shall have to check it out when my brain is not mush from tired. XD

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