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strong chouji
I got mail of consequence (as opposed to inconsequential mail of the "Vote <insert political party here>!" type)  yesterday, for the first time in a while.

It was an invitation to my cousin Matthew's wedding; he and Amy (who I have met, and am quite fond of) are getting married the second weekend in October.

The chances of me going are zero, unless by some miracle I can get myself enough Air Miles or something to get there - we can't afford it otherwise.

Needless to say, I'm a little depressed about that.

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Oh, no. I'm sorry.

Weren't working your ass off?

On an unrelated matter, in the hope of making you feel a bit better, if not forgot, how was Deathly Hallows.

I have been working my ass off, but there's that whole university factor, which is where most/all of the money is going, so... yeah.

Deathly Hallows! <3!

Oh my. Again, sorry. Where was the funding coming from before?

How long would it be to drive to? And what about train/bus?

How was it for you? Any critiques?

For university? My savings, and some of my parents money, but I was paying as much as I could.

To drive is a couple days, and I don't have a car, plus the wedding's on a Saturday and I have classes Thursday for sure and maybe even Friday and definitely Monday. The train is about as much as the plane, and buses take too long, same as a car. I'm in Nova Scotia and the wedding is in Petawawa, Ontario. The most cost and time efficient method of transit is still plane.

I loved DH on the whole, but I'm not going to start picking it apart because then I'll never stop. XD I never pick at books I really enjoyed and want to keep enjoying, because I'll stop enjoying them. ^^;;

Ahh... I know the feeling of wanting to go somewhere really bad and how impossible it is to go. It's just heart-wrenching. I hope you find a way.

Dobby!!! NO!

Yeah, me too. Because this is the first of my cousins to get married and I really want to go, especially since at least two of my cousins will never get married, since they're dead and mentally handicapped, respectively.

OMG, I know! ;_; I cried so much reading that.

Out of how many cousins?

Dobby ftw!

Well, there are/were six that were older than me - Anthony (the one who died) and William (the mentally challenged one) and included in that six. I have five more younger cousins, but they're a lot younger. The oldest of them is, I think fifteen.

Dobby FTW indeed. Also: SNAPE!!!! ;_;

What about the one marrying?

Oh my. That whole sequence with Snape had not really hit me until I really thought about it. It's so tragic.

The one marrying is the oldest of all of them - I haven't seen him in about three years, sadly, which is another reason I really wish I could get to his wedding.

Yup, very tragic. I bawled over Snape - but then again, I always knew he was good; especially when DH mentioned him sending kids for detention with Hagrid. :D

I'm so sorry. I hope they at least record it and send it to you somehow.

It was so bad that I almost wished it was him instead of James that went on to be Lily's husband.

Well, my dad is doing the wedding photos, so I know they'll be good. But I'm going to try my damnedest to get there, for sure, even though it will pretty much take a miracle.

OMG, I know what you mean. Poor Snape!! ;____;

I hope that miracle happens!

Indeed. There was so much symbolism in that book.

Me too. I'm going to save all the money I'll be getting for my birthday instead of buying a new monitor (even though I kinda need one, as my current one is old and makes funny noises and seems to get disproportionately over-warm) in the hopes that it shall make a difference.

So much symbolism.

I've needed a new monitor for years, this is muuuch more important. This can wait, the wedding cannot.

Heard about Rowling clearing up what happened in the epilogue? Such as their current professions?

Precisely! I just wish I had Air Miles, so then maybe I could use them to get a flight, which would mean it would cost less. :\

Yes, I read the interview on... somewhere? MSNBC? I dunno. But it had her talking about Harry and Ron being Aurors and Hermione being a lawyer.

Yeah. How much is the flight?

Yeah. She revealed a lot more, such as Hermione went first to the Magical Creatures branch of the Ministry to fight for equal rights for house-elves and such and went on to fight for Muggle-born equality as well.

Ginny = Retired Holyhead Harpies Captain!

Eh, about $400, round trip Depends on if one gets lucky and gets a seat sale or not. *crosses fingers*

...I never saw that stuff. How'd I miss that?! :\

And if there isn't a sale?

It wasn't in an interview, I do not think. I think it was in a transcript of an online chat with fans asking questions.

With a sale it could be cheaper than $400. Sorry, I wasn't very clear. ^^;

Ohhhh, okay. ...I don't suppose you have a link? ^.^

It's alright. Seems reasonable, but things change under different circumstances.

I think it's here: http://mugglenet.com/app/news/full_story/1156.

If not, then navigate around. Mugglenet has everything.

It seems reasonable, sure, but it's still money we don't really have unless I can scrape - and I do mean scrape - it together.

I hope you can get the money. Good luck.

Thanks. ^^

Also, thanks for the link! I forgot to put that in my last comment. Go me. XD

The wedding is at CFB Petawawa, in Ontario. It'll cost somewhere between five hundred and a thousand dollars for me to go.

Ouch. I know the feeling- I'm flying out to Montana this August for great justice, and it's setting me back in the pocket ; 3 ; Luckily, I've been working hard and have enough savings to just say FUCK IT ALL and go- otherwise...

I wish you the best- Send them a card maybe? There will be photos later... ; ____ ;

If it wasn't for school, I'd have the money - I've got over $2000 in my high-interest savings account. I'm going to try and, somehow, get the money. ...Maybe if I save my birthday money instead of buying a new monitor even though I kinda need one, and... I dunno. Maybe I'll be able to swing it...? *crosses fingers*

I know there will be photos, but they just aren't the same....

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