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(no subject)
Hinata STFU
So.  Mum.

You say, loudly and angrily "What did I do to raise such selfish children?" and then spend the next hour heavily implying that I am a horribly selfish person, and you expect me to not be upset or pissed off.

Yeah, that makes sense.

No, I haven't talked to my grandmother on the phone yet to thank her for my birthday gift - I'm going to see her Thursday, and I would much rather do it in person, so I had planned to wait until Thursday.

No, I haven't e-mailed Aunt Anne yet to say thank you; you haven't given me her e-mail address the two times I asked, and Jonathan hasn't been online when I have been for me to ask him.

No, I haven't gone to Mrs. Greenlaw's to help her with her computer yet; in the past two weeks, I have been not working for six days, and actually home all day for two, and she hasn't been home when I've called her.

No, I don't have time to spend six hours playing with a dozen of Aunt Marion's photos in Photoshop for a thingy that I may or may not actually be able to do at all.  Aunt Marion has said that this is fine, and it was only an if I "have time for it" request.

Yes, I stormed away from the supper table after you implied for about the tenth time that I'm an ungrateful, selfish person who never does anything nice for anyone because I just don't care that maybe those other people have done nice things for me.  For fuck's sake, if you were me, you probably would have done the same thing.

Between you nagging me about every goddamn thing I'm packing, or not packing, or how many boxes I've packed, or how much stuff I have, the root canal I'm having Thursday that I'm totally terrified and freaking out about, and all the other stuff you think I have all the time in the world to do when you expect that, once I'm done packing, my room will be spotless and have not a paper out of place or a dust mote on anything, I'm more than a little stressed and annoyed with you already.

I'm fucking 21.  I don't need you to goddamn babysit me or monitor me.  I'm packing what I need and what I want, and I don't fucking care if you think it's too much because you aren't going to carry a damn pound of it so what does it fucking matter?  I am going to thank everyone who gave me birthday presents and if you don't approve of how I choose to do it, I don't fucking care.

Yes, I am going to take all 15mg of diazepam that my dentist prescribed me for my root canal on Thursday.  I don't care if the ER doc that you talked to says that's enough to do a colonoscopy on.  I know what I need, and I need to not have a panic attack while having a root canal, and considering that a regular old filling makes me hyperventilate and pretty much have a panic attack, I think I'm going to stick with taking my 15mg, thanks but no thanks for you nosing into my business.  I did do my research and I know just how much 15mg of diazepam is, thank you.

Fuck off.

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Deep down inside, all parents still see their kids as well... kids. And kids are naturally selfish anyway. So yeah. CONUNDRUM!


Still pissed me off, though.

Of course it does. She's your mom, I think all moms are obligated to piss off their kids continually.

Yeah, I know. This was the first time I've ever been so pissed off I left the table, though. Even during all my teen years I never left the supper table, I would just sit there and not speak.

It's just hard to let go. They still want to be the boss of you, no matter how much you know. They just like to get on you no matter the situation.

Parents will be parents, as kids will be kids.

Wow, I'm really sorry about the root canal. I always made sure to brush my teeth like crazy because it sounds so fucking terrifying.

Hope the move is nice.

What did you get for your birthday?

I got a new computer monitor (17" flat screen!) and a claddagh ring from my parents, two new skirts from my Aunt Marion that she made, a clock from my Aunt Anne (21 is still a big deal in England, or else I would have just got a card), a really cool blown glass paperweight-thingy from Sharon and Andre, money from my grandma (who always gives us money), money from my granddad (who always sends us pounds sterling since he's in England), and... that's all.

Though I haven't got cards from my aunts (Dad's sisters) yet. They never actually forget, but they're ALWAYS late. XDD Aunt Tara lives on her own time (affectionately dubbed "Tara Time") and Aunt Margaret, well, I dunno. She's just also always late. ^^;;

Great... Who'd you get the monitor from?

Pleasant birthday, would you say?

Mum and Dad.

It was a pleasant birthday; I actually worked it (we did the family thing the night before), and when the kids found out it was my birthday they decided they were going to make me a cake. Meaning Yvonne (their mum) made the cake, and they just poured stuff into the bowl. ^.^

Yeah, I know. And my mum is worse than a lot of people, and so much worse about it than my dad. Dad has never done any of the implied asides that Mum has; those are what piss me off the most.

Well, I saw the dentist last Christmas, but he never told me about the cavity that now needs a root canal. So, by the time I was able to see a dentist here after I had moved back home, it was too late for a simple filling. Needless to say, I was highly pissed off. I don't see him any more.

The moe will be good, I think. ^^

Both of mine can get pretty irritating.

How's new dentist?

I almost never fight with Dad, now. We haven't had a fight like I have with Mum since I was in grade ten or something. And grade ten was... 2001-2002 for me. XD

My new dentist is awesome. She's friendly and understanding of my phobia and from Newfoundland and just really great. I like her.

(Deleted comment)
I know what you mean.

It probably is, even though when I rant about it I sound angsty and whiny and "woe is me!". ^^;;

(Deleted comment)
Well, I feel like I'm being a whiny, angsty "woe is me!" kid, then. XD

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