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General update-ish post FTW!
intellectual superiority
Yes.  Insert general update-y stuff here.

...Wait, I have to actually do that, don't I?  Damn.  XD

Hokay. So.  Here's de earth...

Classes started yesterday.  I had one, French 215 with (for this semester) Dr. Ursula Fabijancic.  She was wee and highly energetic and I think I'm going to like her.  Today I worked the 0000-0800 backshift, then went to breakfast, then went to my 0915 class, Intro to Computing with Dr. Iker Gondra.  He is skinny and apparently Spanish even though he sounds Indian and this is going to be a total bird course.  Woot!

This class was followed by me making sure I would stay awake to go to my 1215 class; by the end of Computing I had already been up for 14 hours, after being up most of Thursday and only getting two hours of actual uninterrupted sleep, and three hours of fitful dozing before finally giving up the ghost at 2000 and just getting up.  Then I went to Intro to Sociology with Dan MacInnes.  He was highly entertaining and fun to listen to.  I believe I shall like him as well.

Super looking forward to Monday and Tuesday nights.  Creative Writing and 20th Century Lit FTW!!  Also, they are the only two classes I haven't been to yet, though I had J. Lynes (from here on out known as Jeanette) for my 100-level English last year, and I've been to a couple of the creative writing workshops Anne (Simpson) has held.  I don't know Strickler at all, but [info]guitarpulsation loved her to bits, so she can't be that bad. ;)

Behold my schedule!

CSCI 100 = Intro to Computing
SOCI 100 = Intro Sociology
FREN 215 = French Language III
ENGL 231 = Intro to Creative Writing
ENGL 250: Survey of 20th Century Literature
LJ is being a bitch, so you may want to click the pic to view it bigger so you can actually see what times my classes are.

I got a new digital camera.  Pictures and things will be posted and such as soon as I get a USB cable for it (I discovered tonight that it wasn't in the box, but I'll have no problem getting one).  It's a nice, shiny Olympus FE-200, 5x wide angle optical zoom, 6.0 megapixels, rechargeable lithium-ion battery.  I got it for $285.00 taxes in, with a one gig xD card and a high quality case at the %c to 1$, where I worked last year, which was basically staff price since I worked there - I pretty much got 512 megs of the card and the case for free, because the initial deal was the camera plus a 512 card would be $250 plus tax (working out to $285).  Instead of trying to figure out percentage discounts on each item, Stephen sold me the camera for $250, and reduced the price of the card and the case to $0 (which is what would have been done with a 512 card for anyone else).  It other words, sweet deal.  This is also how I know getting the missing USB cable won't be a big deal.  ^^

Um... new roommate this year, as[info]rostand has a single room allllllll the way at the other end of the hall. ;_;   She is from Beijing and picked Vivi as her Western name, since no one has been able to say her Chinese name properly.  It took me, like, ten minutes, and I was still messing up half the time, so I just call her Vivi, too.  XDD  I <3 her liek woah.  We're getting on really well so far, and I don't foresee any major problems in the future.  We spent quite a bit of time hanging out before we moved in together, so I got to ask all the "please help me find out what bugs you" questions and plan for them.  Not that there were really any conflicts of interest/attitudes/habits anyway, actually.  XD  So yeah.  Vivi is awesome and adorable and made of win.

Job as a porter is going well, though is annoying right now because the folks in charge of res decided that only frosh would be allowed to have visitors until Monday, and their visitors can only be other frosh.  Which is a stupid pain in the ass and means that all the returning students are trying to sneak people in and the RAs are generally being not very supportive at all of us porters in our efforts to repel the invaders.  What annoys me is that there were just as many frosh causing trouble and damage as there were returning students, especially since most of the returning students didn't move back onto campus until Wednesday, the day they implemented this rule, but they're acting like the frosh didn't do anything wrong and were just misguided or corrupted or something by the returners that were already here.  Run-on sentence FTW!  Yeah, right.  I've seen just as many frosh being morons and breaking rules as I have returners.

Attempting to come up with a new name for my LJ, as I'm rather tired of "Were you expecting something witty?" as it's been that since I started this thing and I want to change it.  I haven't had much luck, but I'm still working on it.  Suggestions?

Also, I have recently made something resembling actual progress on the fics I promised to people for Christmas last year ([info]alanahikarichan, tonko_ni, pixiemarie, cephiedvariable, this is you guys), so maybe I'll actually get them done before, y'know, THIS Christmas.  *is made of FAIL and LOSE*

OMG, I can't wait for September 21st!! AVATAR SEASON PREMIERE ON YTV AT 5PM EASTERN! Meaning, of course, 6PM Atlantic.  BUT STILL!  I CAN'T WAIT!  The res bastards damn well better get the cable fixed before then!!  Also, haha, we get the season premiere, like, an hour or two or so before the US.  YES, THAT'S RIGHT.  THE CANADIANS GET IT FIRST.  TAKE THAT, BITCHES!  XD

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Lawls--before next Christmas XD But hey--progress is good to hear :D school comes first though, missy.

You know, I didn't realize we were getting Avatar FIRST >:D That makes me happy.

BTW, did you know I've totally collapsed and given in and I am now caught up to the current Naruto manga chapter? Sigh. Still haven't watched much of Shippuden, but at least I know what's going on. (Asuma :()

Did catch a clip of Shippuden where Gai is making his team do, you know, the hands-in-the-middle thing, and Neji was like "DO NOT WANT" and that was awesome... I want that on an icon. (My friend myrafur also made a joke when I wrote my Naruto/Gaara fic, that Naruto said "let's fuck-tebayo" and, after I died laughing, I thought that'd make a brilliant icon for any Naruto/whoever pairing XD but I am possibly easily amused)

...trying to think of other things you could stick up as your title, but nothing's coming to me. (I'd rather like to change mine too, but I'm having the same problem.)

Well, I haven't had any actual out of class work assigned yet, so I'm still home free. :P

I know. This makes me happy also. (As if you couldn't tell. XD)

Yay! I don't need to be uber-scared of spoiling you by accident any more! (Asuma~! ;_; )

Oh, OMG, yes. That bit with Neji was awesome. OMG. I shall make icons of it - though they shall not, sadly, be animated, as I don't have anything to do that with. ("Let's fuck-tebayo" is also hilarious and made of awesome. XD)

Haha, well, I'll ponder for you and you ponder for me, and maybe we'll both come up with something for each other? XDD

New updates from Caitlin are made of win!

Oh my, what happened? Why couldn't you sleep?

I wouldn't be able to have night classes. They bother me.

I would love to have a Creative Writing class, but unfortunately, at my school they don't really count toward graduation. Just an elective.

Cameras mean photos! Can't wait.

Can't think of anything for your LJ name. I usually just name mine after lyrics that have a profound effect on me.

Can't wait to read those.

Aww, thanks. :D

Well, there was no point in sleeping between eight and nine, when I would either not be able to wake up or just wake up more tired, and it was pretty much the same thing for sleeping between 10.05 (the end of my 9.15 class) and my 12.15 class. So I went to bed afterwards. It was all good in the end. ^^

I'm rather a bit of a night owl, plus they are classes that will be awesome. I couldn't do something deadly boring as a night class, but Creative Writing and 20th Century will be awesome, so it's okay.

CW counts as part of my degree by fulfilling my "modern" requirement or as an English elective (of which I need the equivalent of two full year courses). Yay! Though it sucks that you can't really take one.

Yup, but I need to go get my USB cable, since it was missing. XDD That won't be a problem, though, and I'm actually going to go get it in a few minutes.

I'm trying to avoid that, just because so many other people do it. XD *sings* I wanna break free... (XD)

<3!! I hope I manage to finish them soon. I feel bad that I've only finished one. <_<

Tis true. Every time I look at my friends page and see you, I get excited!

Okay. You can't function without the sleep.


I could, though it would waste a semester. It would only count as an elective.


I didn't realize a lot of people did that. I just did it because again, it had a huge effect on me and I felt I wanted to do it. I understand what you mean, now I feel discouraged abut mine.

And I'm still eternally appreciative and thankful for gift fic.

But- you need electives too, right? ; 3 ;

Yes, but I can take so many other courses that could double as an elective and give me credit for another requirement.

ooookay. That sounds fair. ;)

My electives always end up being my least favourite classes... So now I'm trying to get into a CTESL program that will suck up the rest of them and turn them into something useful.

Oops. Sorry- I think in acronyms sometimes... and CTESL's just plain easier than Certificate of Teaching English as a Second Language.

It's five credits, one of which I've already taken- half I'm enrolled in next semester, and I'm trying to get into a class that would take care of another this year.

Awww! *blushes*

Oh yeah, I know. Do I ever. XDD But there won't be many more - if any - more red-eyes like that one coming. Thankfully. :D

It sucks that it's only an elective. Booooo.

So I couldn't get a USB cable, but I got a card reader. Good enough, eh? ^_^

Well, I seem to know a lot of them. XD

You're still very welcome. ^____^

Dude, I ran into James yesterday and he told me about running into Rostand online. Haha.

And he still has that chapter he owes us, somewhere. I'm working on it. Come up to Hali for NaNo, he's said he'll be in this year!

Dendi told me about that.

He does? Awwwwwwwwesome!! Let me know the dates of one or two of the meetups (preferably as far in advance as you can) and I'll rent a car (cheaper than the bus if a bunch of us split on it, and more convenient) and we'll book it up there. :D

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