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Mitch Too died this morning.

RIP Mitch Too.

...Up next, Mitch 3: The Mitchening!

Also, note the new name for my LJ!  It isn't particularly witty or anything, but I quite like it. ^_^

Also also, tonko_ni, your prezzie went in the mail today, so you SHOULD get it on time.

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Aww - poor Mitch Too!!! We could call your next fishy "The Mitchenator".

I love your new LJ name. I see the world in different hues too! Yay synesthesia!!!!

It was decided last year that the next fish should be The Mitchening. (Highlander reference. XD) The one after The Mitchening will be Mitch 4: Mitchon Impossible. But the one after could be The Mitchenator. :D:D

Haha, I'd totally forgotten about that. XD Mine is certainly less literal than yours! ^_^

Oh no, poor wee Mitch Too! :( He had a good fish mommy.

I'm sure The Mitchening will enjoy coming home from the store though :)

New title, w00t! Looks like a good one to me. Now I need to find one that nice.

Prezzie? :D!!!

Yeah, I'll miss the little bastard.

Haha, I hope so. I might get him tonight, if Wal-Mart has any bettas.

I like my new title. It's actually based of a bit of a joke between sylvermage and I - she says I must see the world through rainbow-coloured glasses (as opposed to rose-coloured ones) because of my addiction to teh ghey. XD The other line just... came. ^^ Any idea what you want your new LJ name to be? I'll keep my brain open to possibilities.

Why else did you think I wanted your address? ^_^

Teh ghey, yep. \o/ The subtitle works very well with it.

I dunno for me... I got mine from that list of "funny negative employee reviews," you know, the one where it's like "this employee has hit bottom and started to dig," and "this young woman has delusions of adequacy" but at this point I have enough confidance that it seems disingenuous, lol. I do in fact now think I am adequate! :D

Don't worry too much, something will probably randomly strike me, that's what happened last time.

::points at icon:: Hehe, found that yesterday. Revved up for the premier at all?

Actually, it occured to me at the time, but I totally had forgotten, so I was all YAY when I read that :P


Ahhhhh. And I agree - you are QUITE adequate! Above average, even. ^_^

Haha, okay.


Teehee. :D

Mitch Too? Who's that?

Sorry for the loss.

I think your name is very cool.

Mitch Too was my betta fish. XD He was named after Actual Mitch (the Mitch who lived/lives down the hall from me in res), hence the "too". He was also Mitch. I thought it was clever anyway. XD

Pfft, he was a fish. I'll miss the little bastard, but I'm not particularly torn up about it. ^^;;

Aww, thanks. ^_^

I always really liked those fish.

So there's another Mitch coming soon?

How much do they cost to purchase?

They're pretty. ^^

Yup, probably getting him tonight, actually. XD Assuming Wal-Mart has some.

Eh... I can't remember. Not THAT much. Somewhere between five and fifteen. ^^;;

Wow. That's cool. How close were you to this fish?

Eh, he amused me, but I wasn't particularly emotionally attached to him. I'll miss the little guy, but I'm not really upset about it. My mother was more upset than I was. XD

Does he live at home or goes with you to school?

He came to school with me; it's only a little tank, so I had no problem finding him somewhere to live.

*cough* So uh, what happened with denises fish all them years ago didn't throw you off havin your own I see. Heh heh ^_^

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