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New journal!
...Well, sort of.

I've kinda jumped on the bandwagon of having a writing/icon/whatever journal.  Except that mine is for everything even remotely creative.  Fanfiction, original fiction, poetry, essays, icons, fanmixes, photos that are meant to be artistic, all that stuff.

Eventually, everything like that that I've posted here will make it over there, too.  I've only got one thing posted there now, but it is NEW.  As in, not posted here ever.  XD  I need a custom moodtheme, though.  Maybe I'll try making one.  Hmmm....

Nothing is f-locked, so don't worry about needing to friend another LJ, and I'll try to remember to mention it here when I post new stuff over there.

But I might forget, as I'm sure you guys know.  XD

For the curious:
Ink-stained fingers...
...and tendinitis of the wrist

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I'm going to friend this new journal and read the new post there with excitement!

The pleasure is definitely mine.

I love that icon. And that song. ^__^

Whose song is that?

Digimon! I'm more partial to the Tamers myself.

It's called "Falling for the First Time" and is by the BNL.

Adventure 01 and 02 have always been my favourites. I couldn't really get into Tamers, honestly. ^^;;

Wow, I like those lyrics.

I loved Adventure 01. 02 was a little too goofy for me.

Tamers had a really good EMO storyline, which I suppose is one of the reasons why I like Naruto now.

Yeah, it's an awesome song. ^^ *listening to it right now*

See, I liked 02 a bit more than 01. I found it was a little bit darker and more adult - the first bad guy wasn't really trying to be bad because he didn't realise he was actually hurting anyone, and had a very convincing redemption/etc. *huge Ken fan*

Haha. XD

Odd, I actually thought 01 was the darker of the two.

The Ken storyline was great, I felt he was the only good aspect of the show. I stopped watching following his becoming a Digidestined.

Really? Huh. Ah well. Toe-may-toe, toe-mah-toe. XD

My favourite thing about his becoming a Chosen was how well they did hos redemption and how they didn't have everyone trust him instantly and stuff. I thought it was very convincing and well-done. Also, I love the angsty boys, and Ken was very angsty without being retardly emo. XD And I'm just going to sit here and pretend the last episode never happened. Nope, doesn't exist. XD

What happened in the last episode?

In my opinion, Tamers was only second to 01.

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