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*<3 Canada*
Found these on YouTube today.

Ah, the memories they bring back!

Am I correct in thinking that the first one (the Labatt Blue one) aired during the Winter Olympics one year? Maybe Nagano? (That was 1998, I think.)

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I don't get it, but if it's about giving Canada love, no problem. I love Canada, it's produced such great people including the one I'm commenting to.

Bowling for Columbine also helped to put it in a great light too.

Awww, thanks. ^_^ It's nice to find an American who likes my country as opposed to thinking we're stupid or useless. (Not saying that all Americans think that, but a number of the ones I've encountered do. <.<)

And I <3 Bowling for Columbine.

Actually, most of the time they do think that about Canada and it's always bothered me because I know Canada is better than America and I am willing to say that to any American.


<3!!! *glomps you*

We're totally not perfect, though. XD But I have to say I rather like paying a bit more tax and then nothing for basic medical insurance!


I think Canada has a better hold on things than America.

Glomp = giant tackle-y hugs. ^^

Not too many people from the US with that opinion. I always knew you were made of awesome and not stupid and things! ^_^

Wow, that was fun.

So few of us unfortunately. Of course, I only say the same things about you.

^___^ I love glomps.

Awww, thanks!! <3!!

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