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John Travolta, crossdress? Yep.

How does John Travolta make such a convincing woman, and why do he and Christopher Walken make such an adorable couple? XDDD

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i know it is a little terrifying, it also means that during the whole movie i end up with Grease flashbacks

you should check out the i am canadian rant

You mean the "My name is Joe and I am Canadian" rant?

O.O wow....go john travolta, thats all I have to say.

Travolta's casting was just so random. But his portrayal was just hilarious.

How did they get a 10 minute segment on YouTube without being reprimanded? O_O

Holy crap, I know. He did a fantastic job!

There are special account types that have a longer time limit than 9:59; it may be one of those.

Not only that, it's just a whole 10 minutes of a film. There's so much infringement going on there.

True. I dunno. I do know that a lot of stuff only gets taken down when someone reports it or YouTube gets sent a C&D.

Yeah, but most times film companies would all over YouTube and searching for this stuff. Like for instance, NBC goes mad over any SNL clips.

They may have just not got around to it yet. I know that the company who owns Avatar only does it every so often. They sent a C&D about ten month ago, but there's Avatar stuff back up there now.

I suppose. Naruto was banned for a bit, but has been up for a while.

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