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That time of year is approaching again, and I am ridiculously excited.

I jus tknow that I'm crazy, though, to jump in when I'll have papers and things.  Heck, I'm busy now.

Oh well. ^_____^

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My boyfriend's doing it... and I think I might attempt it this year. :3

But it'll be hard! Since I have a con the first weekend and I really don't have much plot yet.

I NEED PLOT ; _________ ;

*trying to resist urge... failing...* No plot? No problem!!

Er, haha, yeah. XDD

If it makes you feel any better, my entire plan consists of "Naruto cast + hockey = ?????". XD

I can happily say that I think I actually HAVE a novel-worthy idea this year (granted, it's a shitty-and-somewhat-cliched novel-worthy plan, but that's more plan than 2k4 and 2k5...)

And as much as I know no-plot-no-problem, in my case it's more like no-plot-no-plot-NO-PLOT.

I ended up giving up on 2k5 just as it was getting some plot. Around the almost 20k mark. :/

I hope that this year I'll be able to pull it off.

See, you aren't as bad off as you thought. ^^

I have no plot either; I'm just going to start writing and hope I can grow a plot. (Ever notice how plots are kind of like a cancer? They grow when you don't want them to, don't cooperate when you need them to, and take over your life whether you want them to or not?)

I remember that! Well, sorta. XD I remember you saying you were dropping out.


Dropping out is always the saddest thing.

I just hope I can cancer up some plot. Cuz even the year I won it was mostly just repetative morning routine scene after repetative morning routine scene :/ That's not much fun to read, and definately not much fun to write.

This year though, I want less angstcrydrama and a lighter, happier type of story. Maybe I'll manage?

Any idea as what you're going to write about this year?

I'm doing Naruto fanfic again, because I have this idea that is only going to get done if I use it for NaNo.

So far, almost the entire plan consists of "Naruto cast + HOCKEY = ?????". XDD I can has plots nao? XD

Hockey? Oh my, any ideas so far?

I was just wondering, as a many-time winner of NaNo, what are the rules and who win?

Um... I'm starting in the summer with street hockey, and am going to move into ice hockey as winter rolls around. That's all I've got so far. XD

Basic rules: write a novel of 50,000 words, starting from scratch November first and reaching 50K before 11:59:59 local time on November 30. "Novel" is defined for NaNo purposes as "a lengthy work of fiction".
Winners: anyone who hits 50K and validates their novel before the deadline.

It's pretty simple. ^^

thank you

Hello Caitlin,

Thanks for the warm welcome on my website! I hope I can survive the month! Good luck to you too!

Paul, EldersTribune.com

The new Naruto episode had me sobbing like a baby.

OMG, me too. I was at work and watching it on YouTube because AVI files won't play on the work computer.

Good thing it was almost four AM. XD

I was watching it alone in my room. My dad and brother came in a few times, but thankfully, they didn't see and if they did, they didn't ask.

Such a sad episode. Naruto was right, it's definitely as effective as Sandaime's death. *sigh*

lol. You were at work at 4 AM?

Yup, definitely as effective.

I was working the midnight to sic AM backshift, so I should hope I was at work as four AM. XDD

What do you do that requires you to take that shift?

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