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Murder suspect’s trial still awaiting lab results

From The News; Tuesday, October 16, 2007

NEW GLASGOW – A man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend will not see a preliminary inquiry until next year as delays in the lab continue to postpone the date.

Matthew Craig Anderson appeared briefly before Judge Clyde Macdonald in New Glasgow provincial court Monday afternoon to have the inquiry date set, but defence lawyer Craig Clarke said reports on evidence collected, specifically reports on bodily fluids found at the scene haven’t arrived.

"This will be a key piece of evidence in the trial," Clarke said, but added, "I would say I'm months away from getting those reports.”

Other evidence, which could be presented at the inquiry, includes information found on computers seized after Anderson's arrest.

The family of Jamie-Lynn Walsh attended Monday's hearing. Walsh was found dead in her Temperance Street apartment on New Year's Day.

Anderson, who wore a red sweater, cargo pants and his hair in a pony-tail, leg shackles and handcuffs and was heard saying, "Love you, mom," to his mother, who was also present in the courtroom.

Susan Walsh, the mother of Jamie-Lynn said her family has been coping with the loss of her daughter. January will mark the one year anniversary of that loss. And despite Anderson's election of trial by judge and jury, they believe he is the killer.

"We were hoping (Anderson) would plead guilty and not drag the family along any more," Walsh said. But she added that while the family has to wait to see justice done, "we do want to see it done correctly."

Jamie-Lynn Walsh left behind a daughter, Eve, who turned one on Aug. 1. Walsh said Eve is a happy child. "She's thriving."

She also acknowledged the support of the community, which, over the past 10 months she has been grateful. "The gap (Jamie-Lynn) has left, nothing can fill it," she said. Seeing the case brought to justice will help, "We're a small family, but a strong one. We're hoping it serves us well."

Anderson will return Jan. 10, to have a date set for his preliminary inquiry.


I hope there's no more delays once January ten rolls around.  There's been enough already.
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