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*izded from subtext*
So.  I have been conspicuously absent from teh internets for the little while, largely due to the fact that I downloaded seasons two and three of Stargate SG-1.

...And then watched all of it.  In ten days.

Yes, I am a terrible geek/nerd. I admit this.  I also admit I squeed fangirlishly very often.  Or gasped and went "OMGNO!" when bad things happened.

Like this morning, when I was watching the season finale of season three as I got ready for work then had to pause it and LEAVE just as something very bad happened to Teal'c.

Episode: *does the bad thing to Teal'c around 30 minutes in*
Me: *has to pause right THEN or be late* OMGNO! Teal'c!! *tears self away from computer screen*
Episode: *hovers tauntingly in my mind all day at work*

So that's been my life for the past ten days.

GOOD NEWS: My grandfather's wife, who was going into the hospital, apparently wasn't having fluid drained, I was misinformed.  She was having a hysterectomy and it went well.  75% of the tumour was removed during the procedure, the other 25% is dormant (though that isn't a term I've often heard used in relation to tumours), and she's out of the hospital and home and feeling pretty good, considering.  Granddad has also cheered up and such, which is good.

Too distracted (not by Stargate, just doing my Kevin impression) to write much more here, so I shall leave you with an amusing Stargate excerpt:

Jack: Um, Daniel?
Daniel: Mm?
Jack: That stuff I was talking about at my house... um, the place was bugged, I had to keep up the act.
Daniel: Yeah, I understand.
Jack: Obviously the whole friendship thing, the foundation, it's all solid.
Daniel: Oh, obviously--
Jack: --you don't have to worry about it--
Daniel: --naw, it's--
Jack: --I feel all kind of-- I do appreciate that you were the one that came to see if I was okay.  That means something.
Daniel: Ahh, actually, no, it doesn't.
Jack:  Mm?
Daniel: We, uh, we drew straws.  I lost.
[Silence. Daniel, Sam, and Teal'c walk away]

*izded from subtext*
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How are you my dear!? I hope your doing good. Sorry I'm posting a comment instead of e-mailing, but I am at school and we can't use e-mail here. I found a way around that! Now, didn't I?! ^,^

I just wanted to check in with you about you coming down. My car isn't really up to par, with needing a inner and outer wheel barring, and the gas prices are starting to get up there.
Are you taking the bus up and down? If you are I will drive you to the bus stops. If you aren't, I will still drive you up. I'm just getting depressed about fuel prices. I was hoping gas wouldn't get so expensive until I was too old to drive.

Things are going slow down here. If you could reply to this or my journal, I will check it every chance I get, but don't worry too much about it, I know you are really busy.
Lots of love and hugs to yah, girl!

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