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should be writing

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...Oh yeah, you're an hour behind me. HA! XD

Haha. But it honestly isn't as hard to write 1667 words a day as it sounds. If you can type at, say, thirty words per minutes that's not quite an hour of pretty much solid typing. If you can type faster, at around fifty, like I do, then that's actually only 33.something-or-other minutes of solid typing.

Sadly, it never solid typing because we think too much, but still. XD

...And I just realised I have something to do during lectures in Intro to Computing now. XD

I think it's going to be a hell of a lot of fun to see what comes out when my brain just... goes.

Enjoy those lectures, lol XD I'll hope to get some free time during work and good inspiration after it!

P.S. These NaNo icons are way too much fun.

Oh yes, it's hella fun. It's often absolute shit, but it's hella fun. :D

Haha, yeah, right. ^^;; I can write during work, too. :D

*finally remembers to use one of her NaNo icons* Oh yes. So much fun. ^_____^

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