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(no subject)

But I'm catching up.

Wordcount as of when I got up this morning: 1996
Wordcount as of now (with four more hours of writing to go before the clock ticks over to Sunday): 3225

And starting from midnight, I will have pretty much nothing to do but write until eight am tomorrow.  If I don't catch up, you people are required to internet-beat me, kay?  ^^

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Gogogogo! Sounds like you're really on a roll.

I had 4892 at last count... Will probably do more tonight. Would be cool for actual plot to begin, but god, I'd rather right the relationship stuff, lol. God, I've been ruined by fanfic.

I keep wanting to go back and edit, too. I wonder how much this will be chopped up when I finally get to do that!

You know, if you do just another 109 words before midnight, you will be precisely on target. :P

Oh, I expect to get more than that! I just paused to watch some SGA episodes and eat dinner :D I like being a bit ahead of the game, makes me feel smug, lol.

I love how today's target is 5001. Do you know if there's a table somewhere with target numbers? Like, a calender page with a number for each day?

Or there's always a calculator!

...I misread that as saying you wouldn't do any more today. XDD Oops.

I know that beautydreaming made up some neat NaNo stuff, including a tracking sheet. You can find them here: http://people.stfx.ca/x2005/x2005fdw/writing/

There is that. XD

\o/ Those are great! I can print the one out and colour it in, lol. Just like in school XD

By the way, how the heck do I find people on the NaNo site? I have one buddy but I only got to buddy her because she's already done that to me. Can't figure out how to search or anything.

Do you have deadlines to meet throughout the month? Good luck!

Not really, just a daily target of 1667 each day. ^^ But it's good to stay on target.

Not too far behind, I hope get it done.

As of this moment I need... 2949 words to meet today's target total of 6668. ^^;;

Good luck!

Also: I keep track of my word count in a slightly-obsessive Excel sheet. I can forward you a blank if you'd like (it makes a chart as you go, too!)

I'm still sitting on 7500, I'll write some more tomorrow, though.

Thanks! I made it to 6813 earlier today, so I'm rewarding myself with some knitting. :D

I have an OpenOffice spreadsheety thing that I use and really like, so I think I'll stick with that, but thanks!

Seventy-five hundred is a nice place to be sitting! :D

:3 Made it, plus change. I'm going to try to push for 10k finish chapter six tonight.

10k is still a ways off. Maybe tomorrow.

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