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(no subject)
 Total word count: 15042
Goal for November 9th: 15000

Oh yeah. :D  I am owning this bitch.

Now if only I could own this pantoum/pantun I have to write as well. :\

Also, atom0001: I hope you had a great time at your Blue October concert.  :D

Also also, tonko_ni: how are things coming?  I haven't been able to really talk to you except in LJ comments, as we haven't been online together in ages.  ^^;;

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Haha, sorry, I don't have MSN at work and I keep forgetting to turn it on on my PC when I get home. Though I've been on the laptop most often anyway!

So far so good. I've given up trying to make it progress like a real book--I can do proper transitions later, I just need to get the relevant plot points down. Current word count is 15587 :) I'm glad to be a bit ahead, especially since I've spent the week mostly catching up.

I'm starting to think my whole idea is stupid, but oh well. That's probably just from overexposure and not being able to, you know, edit it properly.

Edited at 2007-11-10 05:45 am (UTC)

Yeah, I know you've lost your work MSN - that's why it's become so hard to ctach you! :P I guess I can expect to see you more when November is over? ;)

Haha, yeah, I did that last year. "Well, chapter whatever you're supposed to be, you don't weant to act like a transition chapter. Sooo... *types in "time portal: now some months later"* Ha, take that!" This year its actually moving nicely, though. I surprised. XD

Yep, it's the over-exposure and the "lolololol i can't edit harhar!" that's making you feel stupid, trust me. XD We're both editing-addicts, haha.

Sooo... *types in "time portal: now some months later"*

XD Hahaha, yeah, that sounds like a good strategy.

Last night I wrote a whole bit, then got to the end and was like "uh... that's wrong." But I left it in, there's just a note under it in all caps saying "REWRITE FOR X CHARACTER TRAIT AND Y MOTIVATION." It wasn't a total loss, but boy did I have to resist the urge to actually rewrite it right there. ::flails::

I finally got just the very beginning of what's supposed to be the main plot tonight... yay. I thought my plot was too simple, but apparently I ramble when I write because 15k words in and most of the groundwork isn't even there! AUGH!


Or hell, both together, which is too much for my brain to imagine XD

(And yeah, I should be back on MSN more after this. Phew!)

Haha, well, I thought it was!! XDD Now you know why last year's novel has yet to see the light of the series of tubes that is the internet. XD

Ohhhh yeah, that happens. But! Those notes you make count towards your word count. :D So it's all good. XD

I don't even have a plot, and I don't want one. Last year, I liked my story but I didn't really have FUN writing it, it turned into a chore, I think because I was too worried about plot. This year, I'm loving my story and having a blast writing it, I think because I decided to write a character-driven story as opposed to a plot-driven one. ^^


*snerk* I know what you mean. XD

(Yay!! ^___^ I can has frendz back soons!)

Definitely the owning that bitch. It BELONGS to you.

Great fun!

Oh yes, it knows who its master is. *evil grin*

Awesome! I'm glad you had fun!


I will post the photos tomorrow. (The ones that weren't ruined by the bright lights.) Unfortunately, they didn't perform "Come in Closer".


Yay, pictures! Score! Sad about no "Come in Closer", though. ^^;

Edited at 2007-11-10 06:40 am (UTC)

Indeed. It's a great song, but I guess it wasn't a crowd favorite. They only brought back "Calling You" and "Somebody" from History for Sale.

My new goal is finishing my plot by the end of November.
I know I'm going to make my 50k, but whether or not that'll be the end of my story is... debatable.

I'm so ahead :) I love write-ins.


I didn't write much at my write-in, haha. XD

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