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(no subject)
...Apparently the Mount (my building) has ninjas.

Since one just ran past me.  XDD 

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I missed that. That was the year I was OFF, remember? XD


In my geeky event of the night, my WoW rogue struck a monster in the game for exactly 1667 damage. Hee.

I always smile a little whenever I see attacks/heals for 1337. :)

It was 1667 damage, not 1337. ;)

The significance here being that 1667 is the target wordcount for each day of NaNoWriMo.

I know. *smile*
It was just another geeky moment from an online game.

Ah, okay. ^^ I thought you misread the number. I know I did the first time I read it. XDD

Well, I was sitting in the porter's office (since I was at work) and a ninja ran past the office, headed for the lounge on the floor below my room, where a bunch of guys had gone to have a NERF gun battle. XDD

lmao. I would have just died right there of laughter.

I could barely breathe for the next several minutes, I was laughing so hard. XD

All in black, of course. His ninja mask was a black tee shirt - I saw the tag as he ran by. XD

lmao. Oh my god... oh man, it would have been great if you got a picture.

I would have, except I didn't have my camera with me, and he was gone inside of ten seconds, not even. He was literally running. XD

*scuttles off to continue working on her Computer Science 100 term project*

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