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You're wigging me out here, November
It's currently a balmy, if really windy (but warmly windy!), nineteen bloody degrees Celsius (that's 64 Fahrenheit for you non-centigrade folks).

The region normals for this time of year?  A max of seven Celsius (45 Fahrenheit).  Usually we're sitting pretty (chilly) at minus one Celsius (30 Fahrenheit).

This is strange even by Nova Scotia standards.  XDD

What the hell, November?  What the hell?

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I marathoned all of season three last Sasturday, we have it on DVD. Oh my god. You have to see it all, in order. It's brilliant. Ray Tracer = ftw, too.

I just rewatched the first part of the first episode of season one on Youtube. They came a looooooong way in between, animation-wise, plotwise, it's astonishing. I need to get both early seasons.

Do you remember a... second-season ep, I think, where Dot has this weird hallucination and sees angry-teen!Enzo? That Enzo has a foreshadowing scare over his eye... just noticed that recently.

I know, I keep hearing about it, but I want to watch seasons one and two first, to refresh my memory. *jealous of your DVDs*


...No. I never saw that one, I don't think. I don't remember a hallucinatory Dot.

::taunts:: :P (Don't feel taunted though--it will be so much more awesome after you've seen the other stuff first. And I envy you, you get to see S3, or some of it anyway, for the first time! I'd love to do that again.)

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