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Lee fwah!
Went to Halifax yesterday (a three hour drive that I did in 2.5 on the way there) to help fantasyecho move.  Rented a car - that turned out to be a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer LT.  I felt like a freaking yuppie, because it was huge and shiny and expensive to buy.  XDD

Left the Nish at 10, arrievd Hali and 12.30, picked up Keys from fantasyecho at 12.35, and then attempted to visit old SMU profs.  None were in their offices, so I went back to Jha's place and started packing what shall now be known as The Truck.  Got a little done before Jha got home from her Arabic oral exam, then packed it up more and took the load to her new place.

Fought with queen-sized mattress and boxspring, then decided to chuck the boxspring so we only had to fight with the mattress.  We were victorious.  Fought with the papasan chair and smacked it down.  Fought with the old pull-out couch she was getting rid of and were nearly beaten, but saved by Stan and two guys who were moving someone else in.

Fought with the futon and beat it, though both our seats had to be pushed all the way forward.  I was driving with there not enough room between my chest and the steering wheel to actually cross my arms while I turned the wheel, and the glass panel in the trunk slightly open, but tied down.  XD

Discovered that the two of us couldn't lift Jha's huge freaking desk, so called her boy for another set of hands.  While waiting for him to arrive, we went to supper at Sushi Shige on Spring Garden.  Jha bought me supper because she is a wonderful person.  Mmm, chicken teriyaki...

Boy showed up, so we moved the desk in two parts, went to Crappy Tire for crank flashlights (the ones that need no batteries), since the ass who lived in her new place before didn't turn off the main power switch in the apartment, so Nova Scotia Power couldn't connect her electricity.  Moved a bunch more junk, and by this point it was after eleven, so Jha told me to scoot, because everything else was stuff that could be taken in a cab or on the bus if needed,

Scooted on down the highway, attempted to buy a jalapeno burger-thingy for rostand at Wendy's in New Glasgow, but the bastards closed five goddamned minutes before I arrived, so when I go from NG to the Nish on Monday, I'm going to bring her one then.  Many, many thanks to rostand for taking my 8-12 so I could help Jha more.  Thanks liek woah.  I think Jha still wants to buy you dinner at some point, D.  XD

Got back to the Nish at quarter after two in the morning, dropped off The Truck at the rental place and put the keys in the drop box, then walked back to campus (about fifteen minutes).  Came in, changed, crashed.

Woke up this morning with a number of bruises, and muscles that I didn't even know I had hating me.  XDD  Going to take a hot shower and hope that helps, then I have to go to the mall to take my ring to the jewellers (the band got cracked - I think when the giant heavy desk of doom squished my fingers) to get it fixed and do something else that I can only do if I manage to remember what the hell it was.

Later, folks.

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Wow, you're such a damn good friend. Driving three hours away to help a friend move. That was such a nice thing to do.

LOL. You fought with so many things. Made it seems like you had just finished portion of the Chuunin Exam in the Forest of Death.

Damn, the scars of a victorious battle. You need the rest.

Well, there wasn't really anyone else who could help, and movers are expensive. ^^;;

We did. It was an epic battle, but we triumphed!

Oh, I did. I slept ten hours when I got back. XD

Still, really nice though.


Ah... finally you're giving yourself some sleep.

Well, Jha is one of the people that made my year at SMU something less than unbearable. ^^ And I <3 her. ^^

LOL indeed. :D

Haha, yeah. XDD

Wait a minute! Aqua! I love Aqua!

Sorry. I just happened to skim by your current music and just realize what it said. I just recently got back into them too.

Pfft, no apology necessary. :D

And everyone should get back into Aqua! They're like Prozzak! Everyone should like Prozzak, too. XDD *<3 Prozzak*

I actually have no idea who they are. Jeez, how little I know about Canada.

I just searched them up right now. They're pretty cool.

Haha, well, they didn't become al that well known outside of Canada, sadly, but they have awesome music. I have all three of their albums, so if you want me to upload them somewhere for you to download and give a listen to, just let me know. ^^

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