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Fun with Roommates
So I'm not rooming with rostand this year, right - I think I may have mentioned that at some point, but maybe I didn't.  XD

At any rate, in case I never mentioned it (though I'm PRETTY sure I did) my current roommmate is a business student from Beijing who has transferred to X.  Her name is Vivi, and she's a sweetheart.

If slightly vicious.  Or something.

Last Saturday, after I finally got up, her and I were chatting, and I said something about pain and bruises, and the conversation went something like this...

Me: Yeah, it was fun, but now I'm sore and have bruises.  XD  *shows bruised arm*
Vivi: Oh, you do.  *pokes the biggest one*
Me: Ow. ;_;
Vivi: *laughs at me*

So yeah, she's mostly a sweetheart.  Then today, I was getting my wash stuff to take a shower, and this happened...

Me: I'm going in the shower, so if you leave, please don't lock the door, since I don't have my keys.
Vivi: Okay.
Me: Thanks; being locked out of the room in a towel and having to call Security would be awkward.  XD
Vivi: *pause*  I think I want to see that.
Me:  : (   Mean~!
Vivi: *snickers*

The door was unlocked when I got back, BTW.  XD

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